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What’s next for you?

You’ve got ambitions, that’s for sure. And we aim to see you turn those ambitions into achievements. Women Advance supplies you with career coaching, how-to webinars, and inspirational interviews with amazing women. To get it all, just sign up right here:


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executive coach Ann Daly |

What is your work style?

It’s a painful experience, when you don’t feel in sync with your job. I’ve been there, and I remember wondering, “Is something wrong with me? Other people seem happy, or satisfied, here.” No, it’s not you. It’s likely a mis-fit between you and your org [read more]

career coaching |

How to ask for a raise and get it

It’s the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: How do I get that raise??? Jeffrey Stimson answers that question in his article for, and I’m grateful to have contributed: You may feel with every fiber that you deserve more pay, but make no [read more]

Coaching: I have a few openings

[read more]