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What’s next for you?

You’ve got ambitions, that’s for sure. And we aim to see you turn those ambitions into achievements. Women Advance supplies you with career coaching, how-to webinars, and inspirational interviews with amazing women. To get it all, just sign up right here:


Thanks for your motivating tips and advice. I always look forward to the Women Advance blog posts that come to my inbox. —Jess M.

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For your new year

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Self-awareness, on the road to power

Self-awareness. That’s what a lot of coaching is: learning to be honest about ourselves. To see ourselves clearly, on the road to claiming our power — making a difference, having an impact. So, seven questions to ask yourself, a kind of career self-kn [read more]

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3 easy ways to lose your promotion

You don’t want the extra responsibility, do you? So:  1.  Assume that your work speaks for itself. Don’t bother to keep a record of your contributions to the organization. Rely on your (busy) boss to remember everything you’ve done, and understand why [read more]