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write your way to confidence |

Write your way to confidence and leadership

Want more confidence? Want to be seen as a leader? Turns out, you can control whether or not your colleagues perceive you as competent and committed — a “natural leader” — by behaving confidently at the start of a meeting. Writing exercise produces c [read more]

Women Advance Radio |

Leadership lessons: “Loretta”‘s learning curve

As a coach, I have an intimate view of how leaders learn and grow. Leadership is a skill, which means that there are the inevitable learning curves — and growing pains. My coaching client “Loretta” is in the midst of a leadership spurt. I can see it i [read more]

women leaders |

Team leader: top 10 things she learned from coaching

Meet “Judy.” Judy is one of those inspiring coaching clients who is poised and ready to take her game to the next level. Smart, self-aware, and willing to do the work, she came to coaching with a desire to develop her skills as a team leader. When we s [read more]