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What’s next for you?

You’ve got ambitions, that’s for sure. And we aim to see you turn those ambitions into achievements. Women Advance supplies you with career coaching, how-to webinars, and inspirational interviews with amazing women. To get it all, just sign up right here:


Thanks for your motivating tips and advice. I always look forward to the Women Advance blog posts that come to my inbox. —Jess M.

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Why you need to reinvent yourself

“In today’s society and organizations, people work increasingly with knowledge, rather than skills. Knowledge and skill differ in a fundamental characteristic — skills change very, very slowly. Knowledge, however, changes itself. It makes itself obsol [read more]

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The only woman in the room

It’s easy to forget that women are relative newcomers to the workplace and to elite professions. In Eileen Pollack’s new book, she recalls being “the only woman in the room” as a physics major at Yale in the mid-1970s. Here’s my review (published on Su [read more]

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Marissa Mayer: how to make a breakthrough

[read more]