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What’s next for you?

You’ve got ambitions, that’s for sure. And we aim to see you turn those ambitions into achievements. Women Advance supplies you with career coaching, how-to webinars, and inspirational interviews with amazing women. To get it all, just sign up right here:


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career coaching |

Barbara Corcoran: asking for a raise is a formula

I love Barbara Corcoran — the New York City real estate mogul-turned-Shark. She’s scary smart and scary self-posessed. And she pulls no punches. Here’s what she has to say about equal pay, and what you can do to fix it for yourself. It’s a simple thre [read more]

Denise Morrison |

3 secrets to career success

What skills do you need to build a successful career? According to Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup, you need to learn how to: 1.  Build relationships. 2.  Take risks. 3.  Fail fast. Click here to watch the full interview with Ms. Morrison. [read more]

Clarity Coach |

Book sale, one week only!

We know it, books make the best holiday gifts! For this week only, buy one copy of: CLARITY: HOW TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT MATTERS MOST and get a free copy of the companion e-book: A Year of Clarity: The Monthly Guide for Women “A practical, creative guide fo [read more]