Burnish your brand: 5 things to do this month

career advancement | WomenAdvance.comIn the dead of winter, it’s a little tougher than normal to get psyched about long-term career strategy. Which makes it the perfect time to give your brand an extra burnish this month. You’ll outshine the competition, for sure.

Five simple things:

  1. Schedule a check-in lunch with your most important connections (not necessarily your immediate supervisors or co-workers.) Let them know what you’re up to.
  1. Update your victory file. Link. What did you achieve in January? Get it documented now, before you forget. (Here’s a victory file template.)
  1. Revisit your brand statement. (You have one, right? If not, start here.) Does it need to be tweaked, enhanced, or revamped?
  1. Speak up. Double down on your presence at meetings. Sit by the facilitator. Make sure to ask questions as well as making statements.
  1. Don’t be shy about sharing your success stories. No need to brag. Just share your “lessons learned” in a way that’s helpful, not boastful.

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