Future-proofing your career

career success | WomenAdvance.comUnfortunately, I see it all too often: a successful woman in her 40s or 50s hits a career plateau. She’s got to create some serious career mojo, but her trip up the ladder has been so smooth and nearly effortless that she never had to build any career-building skills. She’s left scrambling.

In a recent article, Cosima Marriner wrote about ageism against women — the “glass trapdoor.” She concluded:

“[F]rom as early as 30, women need to think about future-proofing their careers. Ask yourself whether your chosen career will exist in a decade. What careers will be in demand, and will you be qualified? What skills do you have that are transferable? Constantly think about up-skilling and retraining.”

That’s the basis of the WomenAdvance.com website: to focus on the five essential career accelerator skills that you need to build NOW, even if you’re rolling through promotion after promotion. I don’t want you to have to call me down the road….

Instead, consider these five skills. I’ve linked each one of them to a series of articles you can consult here at WomenAdvance.com. I recommend that you conduct a complete self-assessment so that you can start a program to get your career mojo up to speed. And then keep sharpening these skills, year by year. That’s how you can future-proof your career.

The Women Advance Career Accelerator Skills:

1.  Manage your talent
Your talent needs to grow as quickly and constantly as your industry. Even more, you need to expand your talent beyond your core competency. One-trick ponies don’t go very far.
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2.  Build your social capital
No one pushes herself up the ladder. There is always someone above offering a hand up. Are you at all concerned that you may not have built enough social capital to make the climb?
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2.  Keep your brand fresh
When you reach a level where talent is pretty much equal, brand will keep you visible and desirable. It will raise you above the level of an interchangeable commodity. If talent is the cake, brand is the icing.
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4.  Establish your executive presence.
Executive presence is how you assure people–before you even say or write a word—that you are capable of assuming responsibility, making good decisions, and directing a team for results.
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5.  Act like a leader.
At the end of the day, it’s leaders who get advanced. Not the doers. Too many women, encouraged and rewarded by a culture that wants to keep them in the trenches, get stuck in the doing and never progress to the leading. My shorthand with my coaching clients: “No more bake sales.”
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