How to advocate for yourself

career advancement | WomenAdvance.comIt’s a challenging situation when it comes to the point that you have no choice but to deal with an excessive workload. It gets to the point you have to address the problem — all those extra hours are not sustainable. So how do you approach your boss? Here’s what Claudia Bepko & Jo-Ann Krestan suggest in their book Too Good for Her Own Good:

Q:  What do I do when my boss asks me to work overtime or to take on work that’s really not my job?

A:  Sometimes any job requires an above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty effort. That’s just reality. However, if you are consistently being asked to take on overtime work or work that’s not in your job description, you need to take a firm position with your boss. You may decide to tell the boss that you will not do more work without a new job description and extra financial compensation. You may ask for compensatory time off. The point is that you need to advocate for your own rights. Your boss may be quite uninterested in your feelings, but he or she will need to respect you for taking a position. If nothing changes as a result of your position, you face different choices in terms of what to do about the job.


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