How to choose a career coach

Dorie Clark | WomenAdvance.comI’m coming up on my tenth year (?!) as a career coach, and it’s still as exciting as ever. I love to help women get clear about what they want, and how to get it.

Finding the right coach is such a personal decision. I’m not the right fit for every prospective client, and it’s as important to know when it’s not a fit as when it is.

If you’re considering a career coach, here are great tips from marketing consultant Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You:

1.  Understand when you need to reach out. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make a difference. You’ll need to strategize well in advance for that promotion or raise.

2.  Identify what you want to learn. Only you can set the right agenda for yourself.

3.  Give them a test drive. You’ll find tons of articles on my website that will give you an idea of my approach and philosophy. (And I never start a coaching engagement without a preliminary “get-to-know-you” conversation.)

4.  Recognize it’s not forever.  You need a coach for your present agenda. As you grow and your needs change, your coach likely will, too.

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