How to prepare your ‘victory file’

victory file | Ann Daly PhD | career coachingI love the idea of a ‘victory file’ to prepare for a performance review. Today I worked with a coaching client on a four-part template for her victory file, and I thought it might be useful to you, too. The idea of a victory file is to keep track of your accomplishments on a regular basis, so that, when review time rolls around, you don’t have to rack your brain and rifle through your files to remember the details of your achievements.  Here’s the template:

  1. Project title.
  2. Identify the problem.
  3. Describe how you solved the problem.
  4. Demonstrate how your solution impacted your team/company’s bottom line/top priorities.

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The most important is # 4: impact. Your brilliant idea only matters if it’s important to your boss. Make sure you know what outcomes she values, and tie your accomplishments directly to those criteria. The more precisely you can demonstrate impact with hard numbers (i.e., more dollars earned, lower percentage errors, less time to market, etc.), the stronger you make your case for a raise and/or promotion. Good luck!

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