LEADERSHIP: Lessons from Houston’s Most Influential Women

career advice | Ann Daly PhD | career coachingConsider what Houston’s most influential women have to say about leadership. Houston Woman Magazine features 50 of Houston’s best and brightest in its current issue:

“Leadership is not about having all the answers; it’s about having the right people and unleashing their potential.” Susan McEldoon, President & General Manager, KHOU-TV, Channel 11

“Commitment and hard work can make you successful, but leading through others will multiply that success in ways you can’t imagine.”  Anne Anderson, General Manager, Supply & Distribution, Shell Oil Products US

“Leadership is a life-long journey. Always be positive, yet never satisfied; have an unquenchable curiosity and surround yourself with smart people.” Susan Asimakis, Sr. Vice President, Member Services Division, Greater Houston Partnership

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“I learned leadership skills in volunteer organizations. Leaders of volunteers must treasure their co-workers and understand their higher purpose. I try to treat my paid co-workers with the same respect I afforded my volunteer colleagues.” Susan A Bailey, Sr. Vice President & CFO, METRO

“Leadership is both an honor and an obligation. Once you recognize your ability to lead positive change, it is incumbent upon you to do it–even if it is hard or unpopular.” Gina Luna, Chairman, Houston Region, JPMorgan Chase

“As women in business, we must ‘lift while we climb’ and always embrace and advocate for the power of women.” Susan Vick, Managing Director, Whitehall & Company; President, ESO Venture Mining

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