Leadership lessons: “Loretta”‘s learning curve

wa_logo-450As a coach, I have an intimate view of how leaders learn and grow. Leadership is a skill, which means that there are the inevitable learning curves — and growing pains. My coaching client “Loretta” is in the midst of a leadership spurt. I can see it in how she’s dealing with interpersonal challenges and new assignments. She inspired me on our call today, and I thought she’d do the same for you. Here are the three leadership lessons I see her embracing:

  1. A leader manages anxiety. When others are uncertain and acting out, they look to you to provide a calm voice and a way forward.
  2. A leader leverages resources. When an assignment or situation requires unfamiliar skills, you know how to marshal your resources (official and unofficial) to get things happening.
  3. A leader builds talent. At the end of the day, a leader is only as good as her team. She’s always finding ways to help her people learn and grow.

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