Shonda Rhimes: How to be the boss

career coaching |WomenAdvance.comBesides being a world-class writer, Shonda Rimes is one smart cookie. In the current issue of InStyle, she shares her top four leadership tips. “It took me a while to really understand that power is not power if you don’t embrace it,” she told the magazine. “If there’s nobody truly steering the ship, it’s a recipe for chaos.”

Have you taken the wheel? Here are Rhimes’ lessons-learned:

Have the hard conversations. Avoiding the tough stuff wastes time and puts strain on everyone. Say what needs to be said, always with respect.

Act as though you belong in every room. Wherever you’re sitting, claim that seat. If you’re nervous and hesitant about yourself, then others will be, too.

Own your power — and your mistakes. “I’ve learned not to fear mistakes or regret them when something goes wrong. If things get off track, treat the obstacle as a different direction you’ve been sent in, not as a stop sign.”

Realize that there is no secret recipe. Rhimes has learned that, in reality, “nobody knows anything.” You have the same tools as everyone else, so take the appropriate risks. Go for it.

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