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Burnish your brand: 5 things to do this month

In the dead of winter, it’s a little tougher than normal to get psyched about long-term career strategy. Which makes it the perfect time to give your brand an extra burnish this month. You’ll outshine the competition, for sure. Five simple things: Schedule a check-in lunch with your most important connections (not necessarily your immediate [read more]

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Future-proofing your career

Unfortunately, I see it all too often: a successful woman in her 40s or 50s hits a career plateau. She’s got to create some serious career mojo, but her trip up the ladder has been so smooth and nearly effortless that she never had to build any career-building skills. She’s left scrambling. In a recent [read more]

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Who’s your mentor?

I’ve been revisiting Dorie Clark‘s terrific book, Reinventing You: Define Your Brand; Imagine Your Future. As you might consider doing, as well, if you’re serious about advancing your career — whether that means moving up the ranks or making a pivot. Last time, I focused on Clark’s system of personal branding. This go-around, I was [read more]

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BRANDING: Start with DIY Research

The tricky thing you need to remember about branding is that it’s about perceptions. Other people’s perceptions—not yours. In branding/marketing expert Dorie Clark’s new book, Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, you can find a great roadmap for the branding process, beginning with the brand inventory. Whether you’re interested in reinventing your career [read more]

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Career Advancement: Stop Waiting for a Gold Star

There comes the moment in a woman’s career when you realize: being good isn’t good enough. Maybe you get passed over. Or you discover that the departmental fool is earning as much as you. (I remember that one.) You’re feeling underappreciated, perhaps even invisible. Despite the outstanding outcomes, the extra miles, the collegial contributions, your [read more]

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Nacie Carson

BRANDING: What’s Your Tagline?

We all know that branding is not just for products and companies anymore. For ambitious women, it’s imperative to define and develop a professional brand that sets you up for career advancement. Your brand is your competitive advantage. Career expert Nacie Carson would say that branding is downright Darwinian. In her new book, The Finch [read more]

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