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Self-awareness, on the road to power

Self-awareness. That’s what a lot of coaching is: learning to be honest about ourselves. To see ourselves clearly, on the road to claiming our power — making a difference, having an impact. So, seven questions to ask yourself, a kind of career self-knowledge audit: Success. What does it mean to you? Purpose. What kind of [read more]

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3 easy ways to lose your promotion

You don’t want the extra responsibility, do you? So:  1.  Assume that your work speaks for itself. Don’t bother to keep a record of your contributions to the organization. Rely on your (busy) boss to remember everything you’ve done, and understand why it’s significant. Keep believing that, if you “deserve” it,  you’ll surely get it. [read more]

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Shonda Rhimes: How to be the boss

Besides being a world-class writer, Shonda Rimes is one smart cookie. In the current issue of InStyle, she shares her top four leadership tips. “It took me a while to really understand that power is not power if you don’t embrace it,” she told the magazine. “If there’s nobody truly steering the ship, it’s a [read more]

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What is your work style?

It’s a painful experience, when you don’t feel in sync with your job. I’ve been there, and I remember wondering, “Is something wrong with me? Other people seem happy, or satisfied, here.” No, it’s not you. It’s likely a mis-fit between you and your organization. So it pays to step back periodically (because you’ll change [read more]

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5 foolproof ways to hire the right career coach

The Seattle Times recently ran a terrific article on finding a career coach. If you’re in the market for a career coach, consider these five tips: 1.  Clearly define the help you want. I offer my prospective clients a pre-coaching questionnaire. Many times, I’m told that just completing the questionnaire helps them get clearer about [read more]

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Future-proofing your career

Unfortunately, I see it all too often: a successful woman in her 40s or 50s hits a career plateau. She’s got to create some serious career mojo, but her trip up the ladder has been so smooth and nearly effortless that she never had to build any career-building skills. She’s left scrambling. In a recent [read more]

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The ultimate pay-raise strategy

If a raise hasn’t been forthcoming from your current employer, your best option may be another employer, according to More magazine. In 2014 the average company raise was 3%; job switchers’ average wage growth was 5.6%, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Columnist Liz Weston makes a good point: “While staying with [read more]

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3 secrets to career success

What skills do you need to build a successful career? According to Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup, you need to learn how to: 1.  Build relationships. 2.  Take risks. 3.  Fail fast. Click here to watch the full interview with Ms. Morrison.

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