TALENT: ‘Seize the Opportunities’

Jill HuntleyCareer advancement is a dance between intention and opportunism. Sometimes, I think, we get so focused on the intentional that we forget to keep an eye out for the opportunities!

The Glass Hammer’s recent profile of Jill Huntley reminded me about how important it is to be opportunistic about our talent development. Jill Huntley is senior director of corporate citizenship at Accenture, and here are my top takeaways from her interview:

  1. Seize the opportunities. “There is luck everywhere. It just depends on whether you’re looking for it, if you can see it, and if you are ready to grab it when it’s there.”
  2. Take a chance. “You don’t know where your first step is going to lead. Take some chances and stretch yourself. Look for challenges. There are many different roads that will take you through your career.”
  3. Be tenacious. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”
  4. Focus on being respected, not being liked. “There are different cycles, roles, and relationships. You won’t always be liked. Getting comfortable with that is something I needed to learn.”
  5. Develop confidence. “There’s something important about confidence and having the courage to step out and try new things. You find there are fewer barriers than you expected.”
  6. Define success for yourself. “The only version of success that matters is your version. It’s about taking chances. If something less conventional is before you and you want to do it, then that’s what you should do.”

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