Team leader: top 10 things she learned from coaching

women leaders | WomenAdvance.comMeet “Judy.” Judy is one of those inspiring coaching clients who is poised and ready to take her game to the next level. Smart, self-aware, and willing to do the work, she came to coaching with a desire to develop her skills as a team leader. When we started, she was suffering some self-doubt; when we concluded our coaching engagement, she was a confident and effective team leader. What did she learn in coaching? Here’s her top-10 list:

1.    Make the strategic decision, focusing on internal clients, versus the tribal point of view.

2.    Focus on those who want what you have to give them. But don’t give your power away.

3.    The team delivers. I lead the team, set the bar, provide the vision.

4.    Just because someone has an idea, it doesn’t mean you have to make a decision right away. And when you do decide, talk about what we’re trying to achieve.

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5.    Understand what drives each team member, and use it as a way to frame their work.

6.    My job is to handle the ambiguity for the team.

7.    To remove feedback from persona, put a process around it: what worked, one thing to focus on in the future, one strategy for fixing it.

8.    When coaching toward behavior change, speak to multiple occurrences and trends, rather than one particular incident. Talk about the consequences of the behavior.

9.    A leader knows that she has to do the work that no one else can do: the vision of where we’re going, the skills needed to get there, and how a specific employee’s skills fit the profile.

10. My biggest strength as a leader is connectedness: my ability to connect the dots, see patterns and trends, make decisions from what I see, and build bridges so that others can see what I see.

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