Top-10 tips for success on the new job

career advancement | WomenAdvance.comWhen “Julie” engaged me as her coach, she was overwhelmed by a great new job that came without a roadmap. Good news, bad news: she had left transactional work behind. Now, she was the decision-maker on a brand-new initiative. She needed to ramp up new workflow strategies, new relationships, and a new mindset. She needed to be nimble enough to figure things out as she went along.

When we completed our coaching engagement eight weeks later, she was a new woman: confident, authoritative, and reassured. She was even having fun! I asked her for a “top-10” list of what she learned during our time together. If you’re starting in a new position, especially if you’ve taken on a new managerial or executive role, let Julie’s list serve as your roadmap:

1.  I cannot do my job if I try to do everything myself. My job now is to delegate when necessary.

2.  I should not take on tasks that are not essential to my job.

3.  I can solve problems if I stop and think them through, focusing on solutions.

4.  Every problem has a solution.

5.  With a major career change, uncertainty is the new norm, at least for a time.

6.  A major job change is really uncomfortable for a time, but very rewarding in the long run.

7.  Sit at the table and be heard.

8.  My value at times is to listen and absorb. Speaking thoughtfully is worth the wait.

9.  I need to understand where and how I add value to my workplace and then put my energies into that.

10. I must insist on having the resources I need to do my job and back  up my request with facts.

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