What can you learn in career coaching?

fear to confidence | WomenAdvance.comHave you ever wondered what kinds of things you can learn in career coaching? My powerhouse client “Linda,” who’s preparing to make a big career move, shared her top-10 list:

I learned that:

1. I have to believe in myself if others are going to believe in me.

2.  My views of leadership are shaping my approach to my career — sometimes in a negative way.

3.  Skills that have gotten me to a certain point might be holding me back as I try to move to the next stage of my career.

4.  I needed a more efficient strategy for job applications and cover letters.

5.  I am capable of great things.

6.  Submitting my resume is like asking someone to coffee. Don’t overdo it or spend too much time on it.

7.  It’s time to up my game and start networking more.

8.  I needed to make the job hunt fun.

9.  My next job doesn’t have to be the perfect job; it just needs to get me further down the road.

10.  I have a very supportive husband.

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