What does a leader do?

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I’ve seen it again and again with my coaching clients.

Smart and loaded with talent, she has steadily climbed the ladder, because she’s brilliant at execution. And then, happily, she reaches the point when she’s asked to become a leader. Execution is no longer enough. She’s called to delegate the tasks she’s so good at (and gets a lot of satisfaction from). She might as well have been asked to jump over the Grand Canyon in a single bound.

I think this may be the toughest moment in a woman’s career.

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So the next time you’re tempted to sink back into the weeds instead of stepping up with vision and confidence, ask yourself: What would a leader do?

Here’s what a leader does. She:

  1. listens
  2. makes the tough calls
  3. sees the big picture
  4. focuses on the work, not the personalities
  5. speaks the truth
  6. meets people on their own terms
  7. is always on the look out for opportunities
  8. initiates the tough conversations
  9. commits to a vision
  10. reiterates the message, ad nauseum
  11. exercises influence
  12. spots and nourishes talent
  13. has a posse
  14. doesn’t take things personally
  15. is always learning

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