What is your work style?

career coaching |WomenAdvance.comIt’s a painful experience, when you don’t feel in sync with your job. I’ve been there, and I remember wondering, “Is something wrong with me? Other people seem happy, or satisfied, here.”

No, it’s not you. It’s likely a mis-fit between you and your organization. So it pays to step back periodically (because you’ll change over the course of your life) and ask: What is my work style?

That is, under what circumstances do you achieve your very best work?

Here is a set of questions that will help you to determine your work style. When you’ve answered them, compare your results with the culture of your workplace. Lucky you if you’re copasetic. If not, you may want to begin looking for an organization where you can succeed because of the culture, not in spite of it.

Your personal work profile. “I work best . . . ”

  1.  in a large group or a small group, or in between?
  2.  under pressure, or not?
  3. alone, or in collaboration?
  4. with a hands-on boss, or a hands-off boss?
  5. digitally, or face-to-face?
  6. with structure, or with flexibility?
  7. with or without conflict?
  8. with clear instructions or with free rein?
  9. when I can think on my feet, or think things through ahead of time?
  10. with a company in start-up, growth, maturity, or turnaround mode?

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