Women great and brave

Isadora Duncan | WomenAdvance.comAs you’ve likely suspected, every month is Women’s History Month for me! But March brings a delightful deluge of posts and articles about the great and brave women who came before us, and I want to join in the celebration. I’ve gathered for you here a few stories about my favorite American women. They get more inspiring with each passing year. Enjoy!

Georgia O’Keeffe
It took the famous painter ten years to buy her beloved Abiquiu home. Why did she keep painting that patio door?

Isadora Duncan
From childhood, she knew she would be famous. How did the pioneering modern dancer get so ambitious?

Julia Child
How did the French Chef’s devotion change the world?

Margaret Fuller
As a nineteenth-century woman, this feminist writer was expected to achieve nothing more than a good marriage. How did she become one of the country’s leading intellectuals?

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