Write your way to confidence and leadership

write your way to confidence | WomenAdvance.comWant more confidence? Want to be seen as a leader? Turns out, you can control whether or not your colleagues perceive you as competent and committed — a “natural leader” — by behaving confidently at the start of a meeting.

Writing exercise produces confidence

New research by professors at New York University and Columbia University Business School have found that, by writing about ambitions before a meeting, research subjects gained an immediate (and persistent) boost in status. The researchers found that “people primed to feel more powerful and happier through a writing exercise later achieved higher status during group tasks.” Furthermore, “that early assertiveness becomes self-reinforcing within the group.”

Projecting confidence inspires confidence

So, the next time you prepare to enter a new group, spend a few minutes writing at least two paragraphs about your aspirations and ambitions. That’s all the boost you need to walk into the room as if you own it — and make others believe it, too.

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