How to color your hair at home without totally ruining it

Very few things can help you enjoy a fresh and exciting new look quite like dying your hair a different color. After all, a new tint on your mane can completely transform your appearance. For instance, a playful and flirty shade of blonde can add intrigue to your look. And can you imagine the reaction you’d get if you suddenly went from a smoldering brunette to a mysterious redhead? However, between root touch-ups and toning sessions, salon appointments can quickly get quite expensive. On the other hand, though, box dyes have a bad rap for being terrible for your hair. What’s a hair fashionista to do? If you’re looking to save a few dollars by going the DIY route with your hair, but you don’t want to completely fry it, these helpful tips can help your hair look its best – without breaking the bank!

How to color your hair at home without totally ruining it

Skip the Wash

everyone has an opinion on how often you should wash your hair. some experts say not to do it more than two or three times per week. others swear they have to suds it up every morning, or else they’ll start to feel super oil and gross before the end of the day. that said, even if you wash your hair on the daily, you’ll definitely want to avoid washing it the day you color it. the naturally occurring oils can help protect your scalp from harsh chemicals, making it less likely that you’ll inflict lasting damage on your hair.

Use a Custom Formula

If you’re standing in the aisles of the drugstore, torn between two colors, slowly put those boxes back on the shelf and march yourself out of the store. You do not want to use a mass-produced box dye on your hair. Instead, pop into your nearest beauty supply store and pick up your developer and your color there. Drugstore dyes tend to use harsh developers (like 40-volume, which is absolutely overkill) that can cause too much lift and harm the cuticle. By using a custom formula, you’ll not only get more control not only your pretty new hair color, but you’ll be much more gentle on your tresses, too!


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Follow the Rules

While it’s tempting to want to leave the hair color on your scalp for the better part of an hour with the hopes you’ll get a more vibrant shade, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, developers stop working after a certain amount of time, and leaving it on longer won’t help your hair pick up more of the pigment. If the instructions say not to leave it on for longer than a half-hour, you’ll want to make sure you’re rinsing the product off at the thirty-minute mark. Your hair will look much better, plus you won’t have to worry about nasty frizzies afterward.

How to color your hair at home without totally ruining it

Use a Deep Conditioner

After you’re done rinsing out all of the hair dye, you’ll want to reach for a bottle of deep conditioner next. Again, you can purchase a variety of brands at your beauty supply store. Look for something that will help seal the cuticle, which will help prevent the product from completely rinsing out the next time you wash your hair. And while some people frown on silicones, they can add some nice slip to your hair to help it feel soft, smooth, and silky. Your hair will thank you for your kindness!

Baby Your Locks

Finally, your home salon treatment doesn’t stop once you dry and style your new ‘do. To help prevent fading, and to protect your hair from harsh surfactants, spring for gentle shampoos and moisturizing conditioners for keeping your hair squeaky clean in the days following your new color. You’ll want to look for shampoos that don’t contain sulfates, as they can be extremely drying. Even worse, they’ll cause your new color to wash out too quickly, which means you’ll be just throwing away your money on coloring it. If you colored your hair blonde, you can purchase toning conditioners to help ward off unsightly brassy undertones. By following these steps, you can help ensure that you have hair that you absolutely adore…until, of course, you get the urge to switch it up again and decide to dye it a brand-new shade!

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