The ultimate debate: long hair vs. short hair

Have you found yourself debating with your friends about Hayden Panettiere’s new dramatic short pixie cut or which of Taylor Swift’s many hairstyles look best? You are not alone. The hair length of our favorite celebs can reignite a classic debate; is long or short hair better? Some people argue that long hair is more versatile or that short hair is easier to maintain, but these hair myths prevent us from knowing what is best. To help solve the long hair versus short hair debate once and for all, we present three hair length myths and one ultimate fact.

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Myth: not all people look good with short hair

Despite some people arguing that only people with specific hair types, face shapes, and lifestyles should have short hair, in reality, anyone can look amazing with either short hair or long hair. With her new pixie cut, Hayden Panettiere joins other celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, and Rihanna in demonstrating that anyone can look stylish, confident, and beautiful with either long hair or short hair. It comes down to working with a stylist and choosing the perfect haircut. A good hairdresser does more than executing an ideal long or short cut. These professionals also advise customers about the best styles to accent facial features that take into account personal hair type. Working with a stylist to determine the best cut is a sure way to look fabulous regardless of the length.

Myth: short hair is easier to maintain

Since shorter hair can appear to take less effort than longer hair, it is easy to get the impression that short hair is a more manageable length to maintain than long hair. But short hair requires more appointments for trims and often more types of styling products than longer hair does. While some shorter haircuts can look fabulous without too much styling, others require significant styling time. For people who are accustomed to having long hair that is quickly styled into a sleek ponytail or messy bun, a high-maintenance short cut may not be the right choice. For those with longer hair, the amount of products used will naturally be more substantial than for those with a short cut. Shampoo, conditioner, and products run out faster for people with long hair. Ultimately, the length of one’s hair is less of a predictor of the amount of maintenance, the time needed to style, and costs than the specific haircut is.

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Myth: long hair is more versatile than short hair

In the debate between long hair versus short hair, those who prefer long hair often point out the many hairstyles that can be achieved with longer hair. People with long hair do indeed enjoy many styling options and updos available to them. However, those people who have shorter hair are not limited to just one style or look. Instead, short hair can be changed up with cute hair clips, changing the hair part, and for some short hairstyles, updos can entirely change one’s look.

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Fact: it’s all about personality

The debate between short and long hair all comes down to one ultimate fact. When it comes to questions of if long hair or short hair is better, it’s all about personality. Anyone can look amazing with either a short or long cut. Regarding hair length, it is all about personal preference. If someone isn’t comfortable with their hair, it will show through much more than the chosen hair length. To obtain comfort with any hair length, working with a professional hairdresser is critical to choosing the right cut, amount of maintenance, and possible style options. A haircut that fits one’s lifestyle, hair type, facial shape, and personality results in confidence. It is this confidence that leads one to look fantastic regardless of hair length.

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Key takeaway

Even though we have not solved the long hair versus short hair debate with one clear winner, we can definitively say that both long and short hair are stylish options anyone can pull off. The long hair versus short hair debate comes down to finding a look that brings out a person’s inner confidence.

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