Looking Like A Star: The Ups And Downs Of Copying A Famous Hairstyle

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Don’t we all wish we looked like a movie star? We know, we sure wish we looked like George Clooney! But as hard as we try to emulate our Hollywood icons, we can only do but so much to try and mirror their aesthetic. Most of us will never have Jennifer Aniston’s bone structure, The Rock’s muscles, or J. Lo’s curves. But, one thing we can almost all usually copy is a celebrity’s signature haircut. Traversing this mortal coil with a notable quaff isn’t all velvet ropes and champagne though. There is more to rocking a famous hairstyle than just looking fabulous. Many have hit the streets with a well-known haircut but they haven’t always gotten the VIP treatment, and sometimes looking back, a look brought on by overzealous fandom even has people feeling a tinge of regret over a past fashion faux pas.

A hairstyle fit for a queen

Emmanuel wanted a new hairstyle for the holiday season, something to really ring in the new year strong, and what she decided on was the Queen Bey style. She had her hair braided into the same style as Beyonce herself, and found that after an adjustment period it was really quite empowering. Once Emmanuel got used to the weight of the braids, and to the tightness along the scalp, it was off to the races with trying out new styles. She wore gorgeous braids up in a bun and experimented with where to put the parts. The young lady found that changing up her hairstyle to match her musical icon really added a new layer to her life.

Rocking the Rachel

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Stephanie just wanted a new hairstyle that would better frame her beautiful face, and upon watching a rerun of Friends she figured out exactly what to do. The young lady decided to cut her hair just like the shows female lead Rachel, as played by Jennifer Aniston. Steph had some fear that styling her flatter hair after the TV character might make her look like a little girl. But, after some surprisingly positive results, she decided to double down on the do. To take the look one step further Stephanie decided to start rocking some of Rachel’s signature accessories too. She even found an unexpected positive in that the haircut required significantly less upkeep than her previous styles.

History’s most chic hairstyle

Not every fabulous haircut belonged to an actor or rockstar. Some of history’s greatest haircuts resided on the heads of its greatest leaders. A small lesson that a young man named Jr took to heart when he decided to model his haircut after the great Roman General Julius Caesar. Jr. was inspired by an actor playing Caesar on a History Channel documentary, but when he went to search for the handsome thespian Jr. came up short. Seeing as though he couldn’t find his true muse he decided to take his inspiration from that of a famed bust of Caesar from Roman times.

When Harry met hairstyle

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In the nineteen-nineties, Meg Ryan was unquestionably Hollywood’s “it” girl. She was getting all the best parts, being invited to all the best parties, and all of her fashion and style choices were heralded as truly iconic. Ryan also managed to influence a young and adventurous 15-year-old named Sara. Sara decided to copy Meg’s epochal shag haircut and wore it with so much confidence that she continued the riff on the backflips well into the early oughts. While she is no longer wearing that style into the 2020s, she marks wearing that hairstyle as one of her most courageous decisions of her early teens.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Alexis wanted so badly to be Zoe Deschanel’s best friend that she went so far as to copy her hairstyle. Alexis admired Deschanel as sort of the edgier version of herself and thought that copping her hairdo might make some of that signature edge rub off on to her. What Alexis found was that confidence did, in fact, come with her new bangs. But unfortunately, her penchant for forehead sweat made it so her bangs would become a stringy mess by the middle of the day. But, for a few months, she felt the sartorial splendor of being a different person.

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