How to plan the perfect bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties are often considered a woman’s last chance at a wildly good time before tying the knot. But let’s be clear about one thing – your bachelorette party isn’t a “last hurrah.” Even after you’re married, good times can still be had. A bachelorette party is more about having a great time with your friends and celebrating what’s to come in your life, not a farewell to fun. With that said, it is a big deal for a lot of ladies, and you have a big task ahead of you if you’re in charge of planning one. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the endless themes, activity ideas, and destinations you have to choose from. Let’s rein in the chaos and focus on the most important aspects to plan the perfect party.

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Surprise or co-planning?

If you’re the maid of honor or the bride’s bestie who’s planning this amazing event for her, do you want her to be part of the planning or is this meant to be a surprise? It is crucial, especially if this is a surprise, that you know her very well. What would her expectations be for the type of party? How many and which people would she want there? What is her availability? The questions can go on forever, so being highly in tune with the bachelorette is an essential part of throwing a surprise party like this.

If she is going to be part of the planning process, that makes things a little easier. Just remember that your job right now is to make things less stressful, so try to do most of the planning for her. Get a good idea of when, where, and how she’d like to party. Then you can coordinate a perfectly fun time that’s catered specifically to her.

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What is fun?

Speaking of fun – the bride-to-be’s idea of what this means is crucial to planning this party. First and foremost, determine what she will have a blast doing. Does she love adrenaline-fueled activities? Plan a whitewater rafting excursion, head to a local amusement park, or go bungee jumping. Maybe she would love the chance to learn a new skill? Schedule a group class and learn how to dance, make pottery, or cook a special meal.

There’s also the ever-so-popular spa day. Relaxation is probably high on everyone’s list, and very much needed for someone who’s been planning a wedding. Massages, facials, manicures, and body peels could be just what she needs pre-wedding.

Knowing the bride-to-be really well pretty much guarantees you’ll plan something she’ll love. The amazing thing about all of the options out there is that you can get really specific. Plan a farm experience and help milk cows or shear sheep for a day if she loves farm life. Have a garden tea party in a cemetery if your girl loves tea and ghosts. Think carefully about who she is and what she loves. There are no rules outside of that.

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Equally important to planning what you’re doing is determining the theme you’ll inject into each activity. Have you decided that a sleepover is the best bet for this bachelorette party? Or maybe a picnic brunch and pottery painting after? Sounds awesome, but to make it epic you need a theme. Even a night out on the town can be enhanced by some coordinating outfits.

You can even start with the theme and use it to plan what activities you’ll do. If you know the bachelorette’s favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland, a tea party with a little madness thrown in would make for an amazing time. Obsessed with all things Harry Potter? Play a game of Quidditch and drink some butterbeer, or take a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.


Once you know what you’re doing, you’ll need to figure out how you’re doing it. Budget, time, guest list, and locations are all important things to consider during your planning. Coordinate with the other bridesmaids or anyone who plans on being part of this event to enlist their help and get their take on the tentative festivities. Will you need lodging or transportation? Are you hiring anyone to lead an excursion or teach a class? Make sure you have all of this worked out, because big details like these can ruin the party if left unaddressed.

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The most important factors in planning a bachelorette party are removing some of the responsibility from the bride’s shoulders and creating as fun of a party as possible. Knowing her interests and tastes allows you to cater the events, food, and decorations to her, so there’s no mistaking who this party is for. Each person is unique, and their bachelorette parties should be, too.

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