Unique things you can only do in Australia

With no hesitation, we can say that Australia is one of the world’s most beautiful places. Its coastline stretches over 16,000 miles, and the country is home to a diverse and scenic landscape. The biggest perk is the adorable and breathtaking wildlife; a visit to Australia is way better than going to a zoo. Experience these animals in their natural habitat and you might even get a cuddle or two.

Apart from the cute creatures, there are some distinctive aspects to Australia you simply can’t find anywhere else. Here are the most unique things you need to try when visiting the Land Down Under.

Bounce with the kangaroos

There’s nothing more synonymous with Australia than some bouncing ‘roos. They hop, they’re snuggly, and they’re basically Australia’s mascot. Honestly, what could be a more powerful de-stressor than relaxing on a powdery beach with some baby kangaroos? Apparently, they love hanging out by the sea to get a cool-down.

You’re likely to see tons of wild kangaroos on your Australian adventures, as millions of them roam city outskirts and less populated areas. They love grassy spots no matter where they happen to be, so if you go golfing, you’re bound to run into a family of kangaroos.

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Go snorkel with turtles

Turtles may not be nearly as furry as kangaroos, but they’re just as cute. Australia is a diverse turtle sanctuary of sorts – out of the seven different species of sea turtles that exist, six can be found in Australia. Turtles are majestic creatures full of wisdom and have an eerily human lifespan of 80 years old. They’ve been around our world for more than 110 million years.

Even if diving isn’t your thing, a quick snorkel will get you startlingly close to one of these gentle giants. They’re lazy by nature and like to find patches of seagrass so they can munch on a delicious jellyfish or two. If you’re spending time off the coast, make sure to lounge with these friendly, shelled creatures.

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Visit an exquisite pink lake

If you journey to Western Australia, you’ll get to witness some rare, pink bodies of water, the shade of cotton candy-flavored bubblegum. Looking like something out of Willy Wonka, this is a dream world that people all over the globe flock to every year.

There’s nothing more splendid than a selfie in front of an ethereal pink lake, but the logic behind its color isn’t quite so charming. The pretty shade originates from high levels of saltwater, which then bonds with algae and halobacteria, which is a pink bacteria that grows in very salty environments.

Swim with the dolphins

Many tourists visit Australia just for a chance to sunbathe on the white sands and frolic in teal waves. It’s no wonder why tons of Australians spend their time off on these beaches. However, unlike other beaches, you can chill with a school of dolphins.

While you’re riding the waves (Australia is a renowned surfing destination internationally) or going for a swim, either experience is vastly improved by a dolphin hangout session. This is yet another perk of vacationing in Australia.

Photo: Pexels.com

Snuggle a koala at a sanctuary

Hanging out with cute baby animals is a perk for most of us, and luckily Australia has something called a koala bear sanctuary. At these magical places, you can hold the snuggly ball of fluff that is a living koala.

Koalas are also very friendly and affectionate towards humans, so if you’re holding one, don’t be surprised if they snuggle right back and even take a little nap as you’re holding them.

One side of Vegemite, please

When you visit Australia, you might swap your bagel and cream cheese for some toast and Vegemite. It may not look appetizing, but Australians are pretty obsessed with this spread, so much so it’s a staple in their diet. Its characterized by a thick, black paste which is made out of spices, veggie additives, and yeast extract.

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Perhaps Vegemite breakfast pizza is the mind-blowing combination you never knew you needed. Some Aussies even add the ingredient to their coffee. People add butter to their coffee, so we guess that putting a savory, slightly acrid paste isn’t too crazy. Upscale restaurants sell delicious renditions like Roti with Vegemite curry, so if you’re visiting down under with the gals, be sure to try it like this first.

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