13 stylish ways to pull off a scarf

There are few accessories quite as simple, versatile, and stylish as scarves, an item you can slip on to wrap up a flawless look within a matter of seconds. Whether you’re whipping out a woolen scarf to stave off the chilly weather or throwing on a fashionable scarf to tie up your dinner date outfit, these 13 super simple, stylish ways to wear these wondrous accessories offer endless options to turn a potential wardrobe malfunction into a stylish statement ensemble!

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1. Classic loop

The go-to, timeless scarf get-up that will never go out of style, the Classic Loop is a staple for fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Simply place a folded scarf around your neck and pull the loose ends through the loop to create this vintage statement.

2. The bunny ear

Add a little period-piece flair with this elegant knotting technique by wrapping the scarf around your neck twice, looping one end through the layer below your chin, and tying the bunny ears together.


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3. The cowl

For sweater weather opt for the Cowl, a warm and wonderful technique seamlessly blending fashion and comfort. Wrap the scarf around your neck with one side shorter than the other, then wrap the longer side around two more times and hide the loose ends away. Voilà!

4. The braid

Elaborate, classy, and meticulous are a few words that describe a flawlessly crafted braid scarf. This look comes together by pulling the loose ends of the scarf through the loop and then twisting the loop and pulling the loose ends through once more. Continue twisting with one hand and pulling the loose ends through until the Braid is complete.

5. One-shoulder toss

An endearing style donned by none other than Hollywood icon: Judi Dench. This look gives off a rebel attitude and you can create it in one swift motion by tossing one loose end of the scarf over the other shoulder. It’s a simple style that leaves a lasting impression!

6. Shawl

With the right kind of scarf, you don’t even need to bother crafting a curated ensemble. Instead, just wrap the material over your shoulders and you’ve got yourself a shawl.

7. The double bandana

Fold a scarf in half, knot the diagonal ends together, drape the scarf over your neck, twist it once, and then place the loop back over your head and you will have just mastered the elegant looking double bandana.

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8. Knotted

Tastefully gear up for a fancy brunch with the simple yet effective knotted technique – crafted by creating a single knot with one loose end before sliding the unknotted end through the loop.

9. The knotted necklace

While the scarf is a material accessory, why not wear it like a necklace? This fool-proof fashion statement technique is a style to be besotted with. Simply tie knots on each loose end then tie the loose ends together before spinning it around so the knots lie in the front.

10. The Parisian

Show off your flawless French style and pull off this City of Love inspired look! Fold the scarf into a triangle and tie the ends together. Afterward, loop the scarf over your head twice leaving the knotted ends exposed.

11. Rolled loop

Similar in style to the knotted look, although this one is a little more subdued making it the ideal scarf technique to wrap up a light, evening outfit. Take the loose ends on either side and pull them up over the loop around the neck to finish off this dazzling rolled Loop.

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12. Twisted

It may bring the charming braid into mind, but, the twisted technique leaves the loose ends exposed for a less precise, more casual style. Wrap the scarf around your neck once and then wrap the loose ends around that wrap over and over on each side until you are satisfied with the length.

13. Pashmina

Another trick to wearing your scarf without even wrapping it around your neck, the Pashmina is a go-to for beach-goers or days spent lounging around the pool. Wrap a thin, large scarf around your waist and tie the top corners together to complete this look.

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