6 glasses trends to spruce up your 2020 vision

Whether donning them for the look or wearing prescription lenses, the right pair of glasses can be a stunning fashion statement. After all, glasses are a key component to an accessorized ensemble and they have become more than just an afterthought. To really spruce up your outfits and add a little something-something to your new year style, look no further than the following list on the six top glasses trends! With these sensational spectacles making waves in the world of fashion, grabbing yourself a pair is a clear cut way to curate your perfect 2020 vision!

1. Vintage frames

Antique, retro, old-school. Call it what you will, vintage has proven time and time again that it will never go out of style. In a time where nostalgia dominates our media, from the ‘80s-inspired Netflix series Stranger Things to the modern-day comeback of boy-bands, a vintage pair of frames is another period piece addition that will elevate your look. What’s great about vintage frames is that you are not bound to a specific era. Vintage comprises anything that came before today, meaning you can tread back into the past and find yourself recreating the timeless styles of the ‘20s right through to the ‘80s. There are no limits to your vintage frame accessory, and finding a hidden gem in a thrift store is sure to set your specs apart.

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2. Statement glasses

Spin your outfit on its head and make your specs are the statement piece of your attire. Statement glasses are any pair that pop and are entirely unique to you. This doesn’t box them into a specific style, but, requires you to be selective with your process. Spend some time perusing the stores until you’ve found a pair that truly stands out in a way that speaks to you. Statement glasses should be the first thing your friends notice and the last thing people think about when you leave. Think bright colors, off the wall frames, and extravagant logos and you’ll be on your way to spotting a perfect pair of statement glasses.

3. Cats-eye glasses

While technically, a retro style you may have seen worn by your folks at some point in time, the humble cats-eye glasses have made a resurgent comeback as one of the go-to glasses trends of 2020. With a bold top frame and slimmer bottom frame shaping the face, you can create a distinct and playful look. Whatsmore, the angular frames help sharpen rounded facial features to give you a ‘work hard, play harder’ attitude to rock this year.

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4. Oversized glasses

A statement in themselves, oversized glasses are a standout trend for 2020 and their popularity doesn’t seem to be dimming any time soon. The success of the oversized glasses look depends largely on finding the appropriate size for your face and this can be challenging for petite individuals. Regardless, if the oversized look is what you want then we are not going to tell you that you can’t pull it off. A handy tip when purchasing a pair is ensuring that your pupils are positioned at the horizontal center point and vertical top third of the lens.

5. Transparent frames

So your lenses are transparent but what about your frames? The transparent frame is a classic addition to pull off the classy ensemble, making them perfect for the workplace or afternoon catch ups. This timelessly chic trend is one that is constantly gaining momentum for its subtle qualities that showcase more of the face, giving you the opportunity to flex creative makeup styles underneath your specs.

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6. Lightweight metal glasses

Metal frames are back and more trendy than ever, proving that styles never fade completely out of fashion. Gold metal frames make an elegant statement and exude a sense of regal charm that is bound to heighten your 2020 look if you’re going for something a little more sophisticated. Better yet, a pair of metal frames can round off a retro-inspired hipster get-up perfectly without taking away from the minimal appeal.

There you have it, six go-to glasses trends to spruce up your 2020 vision that will have you feeling more confident than ever in your next stunning outfit.

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