What is blue shampoo and should you be using it

Blue Shampoo is Brunettes’ savior

If you’re a brunette, you know how difficult it is to keep that brown cool and soft. At first it looks fabulous in the sun and the compliments pour in. You can’t help but adore every mirror on every wall! Oh, the woes of keeping that perfect brown ever-glowing. But after a few washes, the vibrant color begins to subside, revealing a tacky brassy undertone.

No worries, though. The blue shampoo is here, and it’s going to make all the difference between salon appointments.

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The control over your hair color is now in your hands

Hair Care aisles are beaming with a new shiny product! Up until this miracle had arrived, the only solution was to book an urgent appointment at your hair salon. Although it worked well, your precious tresses had to bear another dose of hair coloring. Now there’s a miraculous cure that goes by the name of blue shampoo.

The science

Have you ever wondered why The Rolling Stones sang, ‘She’s a Rainbow’? It is a song about blue and brown hair, duh! Jokes apart, the shades of your hair oblige to the same science of the color wheel. Colors have an inherent nature of being warm or cool, and according to the color wheel these shades neutralize each other.

Blue shampoo has a blue, cool tint. The brassy tone is warm by definition, and the blue pigments neutralize the warmer tones in your strands. As the process of hair-color oxidation is progressive, applying the shampoo periodically deposits more and more pigments to offset the effect. As a result, you retain the original gorgeous brown over time.

Not for everyone

This is a relatively new invention. Its cousin, the purple shampoo, suitable only for light to medium blonde shades, has been in the market for years now. Blondes should be careful about using the blue shampoo, though. Their warmer tones are yellowish. The combination of yellow and blue pigmentation could result in a disastrous green shade! However, if your blonde hair has red undertones, find a blue shampoo that includes green pigments. Green sits on the neutralization pole of red on the color wheel, and will assist you in achieving the desired effect. If your hair is of a rich blonde shade, get a blue-purple pigmented product.

Natural brunettes do not have to worry about oxidation. They were blessed with an ever-shining rich brown hair. But if you’re thinking about using colors to deepen your natural tone, keep a blue shampoo bottle handy.

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The one for you

Before you run off to buy your brass-fix, here are some helpful tips. Chemicals to avoid include sulfates, silicones, parabens, and phthalates. These tend to affect the natural health of the hair, especially with repeated use. Use it optimally and not excessively to strike the perfect balance. Hairstyling professionals recommend using blue shampoo once a week.

Don’t use more than the suggested amount. Some ladies tend to make the mistake of squeezing out more shampoo than necessary. Remember that more often than not, the best things in life come in small quantities. For extra toning, you can always leave it in for three or four minutes before rinsing.

Check the ingredient list. Natural vegan extracts such as aloe vera and almond oils have a wonderful healing effect. Chamomile and argan extracts are highly nourishing as well. Products rich with hydrated amino acids moisturize your precious locks and will keep you happy through your toughest messy hair days. Picking the right product requires some research. Feel free to consult an expert to find the one that is perfect for you.

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