How to dress up your favorite sneakers

Sneakers are a staple in every closet, offering up a comfortable, yet stylish foundation for any outfit. Whether it’s Converse or Superga, Adidas or Nike, or any other sneaker style and brand we adore; here is our list of the best ways to dress up our favorite sneakers.

Let’s begin at the very bottom

A very good place to start! If we are looking to dress up our favorite sneakers and want our comfy companions to be the stars of the show, why not start with the shoes themselves. Now, we aren’t talking about splashing a bit of paint on our babies (although there are some crazy creative examples of that online), we are referring to the lucky laces.

Laces are a great way to dazzle up our dancing shoes without committing to a permanent change. There are laces of all colors, thicknesses, and materials available; allowing us to color code or contrast our sneakers to create the perfect outfit. There are even some pretty interesting video tutorials available on Pinterest that can teach us to tie our laces in new, fun, and interesting ways.


Sock ‘em up!

Socks are the salt to our sneaker’s pepper as they should always go together. Having the perfect sock strategy could mean the difference between a perfectly pulled-together look and an eye-sore of an outfit.

There are super-secret socks that let our sneakers do the work, practical secret socks that peek out from our shoes, cute frilly socks that are lined with lace to add a feminine touch, shin-high socks that rock in patterns or plain colors, and finally knee-high and thigh-high socks for a boldly alluring addition. Choosing the correct socks plays such an impactful role in an outfit and should not be forgotten when dressing up.

The perfect pair of pants

Now that we have the basics covered, on to the actual outfits. Juicy jeans and jeggings are complementary companions when it comes to sneakers. Paired with a loose-fitting tee shirt, tight tank top, or even a crop top – this outfit will be on fire. Elevate the look with a chunky jacket, some sunnies, a trucker cap, or some statement earrings to pull off the vibe of choice.


For a more formal or even office-appropriate outfit, sneakers can be dressed up with classy Capri or cropped pants. These can be worn with a blouse or structured buttoned shirt, some dainty necklaces and a watch to complete the look. A formal upstyle or straightened ponytail will add an extra layer of formality to this casual Friday office attire.

Delightful and dashing dresses

There is something about a cute dress paired off with some sneakers that we adore. This outfit combination is the perfect middle ground between flirty feminine and boyish practicality. Donned with a bomber jacket, shin-high socks, a statement purse, or a bold lipstick to add a statement factor to this outfit.

Midi dresses also work well with a pair of plain sneakers or Converse, combined with a cute clutch, chunky bangles, or cap for a little snap! Some women even take this look to the next level and combine their sneakers with a long-length formal dress.


Magnificent mini or midi skirts

Similar to the appeal that the dress-sneaker combo provides, skirts and sneakers also offer up a dressed-up outfit that is pleasing to the eye. Mini skirts (be them denim, patterned, or plain) can be combined with whatever shirt you feel best suits the silhouette.

For those of us that may be unsure; a good rule of thumb is that if one element is tight and form-fitting, the other element can be loose and free. That way we can ensure we always have a classy balance. Mini and midi skirts also allow us to play around with sock styles and accessories to dress up the perfect outfit.

Brandon Hoogenboom | Unsplash

There many ways we can dress up our favorite sneakers. From looking up laces to sussing out socks, pursuing the perfect pair of pants to dazzling dresses, skirts, and more! There are endless opportunities when it comes to adding a little spice to our sneaker life and we are sure that it will be a fun adventure finding them out.

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