Duchess Of Cambridge Kate’s secret fashion tips

I get worried about the prospect of picking out which clothes to wear on a date. I couldn’t even imagine trying to pick out what to wear for a royal engagement, but Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge somehow finds a way to be a fashion innovator with every outfit she picks out. Whether attending an official royal function to honor St. Patrick’s Day or being a guest at a royal wedding, Duchess Kate’s attire is always prim, proper, and in the eyes of many, perfect. But, it’s not random that the Duchess of Cambridge is always impeccably dressed.

There is a formula to the fabulousness, and naturally most of us will probably never be able to afford the Duchess’ immaculate wardrobe. It doesn’t mean there is nothing that we can take away from her highness’s fashion acumen. If you look closely there are certain consistencies to Kate Middleton’s fashion sense, and if you are so inclined you can apply them to your own fashion choices. Even though you probably won’t be adorning yourself in priceless fabrics from the farthest corners of your empire, you can still dress like a member of the royal family.

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Wear what looks good on you

This is going to sound obvious, perhaps even patronizing, but part of why Kate Middleton dresses so well is because she wears clothes that look good on her. She realizes that it’s not always about whose name is on the tag as much as how a piece of clothing fits her body. Now, of course, I realize when you have as many options as a literal member of the royal family, it’s a little easier to find clothing to accentuate your figure. But, the logic is still sound. Forget the brand names and the gaudy logos and just go right for what looks good on you. Designer brands are great, but who cares if you’re wearing Gucci if it doesn’t look good on you? Picking out clothes that look right for your body type regardless of the company that made them is not only smart, but it is also aristocratic.

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Always upcycle

One of The Duchess Kate’s most brilliant fashion secrets is her penchant for upcycling. Kate has been known to wear the same thing more than once, but very often she adds a new take on an old outfit. She’ll have sleeves added where once there were none, or switching up skirts when a particular top is uniquely complementary. Middleton’s talent for making the old new again is what allows her to constantly be a vision of fashionable beauty every time she hits the red carpet, or is just seen out in public in general.

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Don’t be afraid to recycle

Going out in something more than once may be seen as an unforgivable sin in some fashion circles. But, to Duchess Kate, it is a tenet of high fashion. If something looks good on you and is appropriate, why not wear it out more than once? The Duchess of Cambridge has been seen out at high profile events wearing the same garments on far more than one occasion. It’s one of Duchess Kate’s fashion quirks that makes her a real trendsetter in the fashion world. Kate is not afraid to be seen on a global scale wearing the same outfit more than once. So, why should you be worried about wearing the same outfit to the company Christmas party that you wore to your cousin’s wedding? If an international fashion icon can get away with the same outfit more than once then so can you.

The woman makes the clothes

No matter who you are or what you do it is your confidence that will define your aesthetic. Naturally, it’s easier to be confident when you are a literal member of the Royal family, but no matter what clothes you put on they are not going to look their best if you do not feel good in them. Whether you are a classic royal beauty like Kate Middleton or just a plain jane trying to look good for a night out with the girls, wearing your clothes with gusto will always add that extra little bit of zing that any great outfit needs. Clothing can always dress you up to look good, but it’s your own aura that makes you look great.

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