Every woman should have one of these purses

With the wealth of options in the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed in choosing the right purse to have. Many women would agree to owning dozens of purses or handbags, many of which they do not even get to use. Make the most of your money by buying the basics, the go-to bags that will get you covered for any occasion. Here are the purses you need, and for sure, you will find low and high priced options. When shopping, decide based on style, cost and functionality.

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Day clutch

If you cannot get enough of stylish evening clutches, there are daytime clutches you can have. Clutches may have disadvantages, but soon you might be a daytime clutch convert for various reasons. Day clutches look modern, they are different, they look minimal and they are unfussy. Rectangular clutches with sharp edges are just too classy. They can be an instant fashion statement when you want a change of style. They are unfussy for they will force you to bring fewer items so you will also have less clutter in your purse.
They are light, so even if you need both hands, you simply pop it under your arm. This makes them kind to your shoulders and neck. The key is to choose a midsized clutch that can hold all your daytime essentials and you are good to go.

Cross body bag

Cross body bags are convenient and practical to use, plus they now come in a range of styles and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. They give freedom to move while still keeping your items close, and admit it; they are more stylish than a backpack. A good one has a sturdy strap with adjustable, easy to maneuver front flap. It should be lightweight and medium in size.

This bag style offers a number of advantages. Unlike clutches, it is hands-free. It leaves both hands free to carry or do other things. It stays securely in place so it is the perfect travel purse. Since it is wrapped around your body, it is hard to be snatched by thieves. It evenly distributes weight, so it is comfortable to use. You can put it over either your shoulder or the opposite shoulder, whichever feels comfortable for you.

Evening clutch

It is wise to have a posh evening clutch ready so if there is a need for it, you do not have to rush to a store to buy one. That means it is best to have a clutch that is easy to partner with your evening outfits. Evening clutches can be your added accessory, so make sure it is fabulous enough to complement your look. Versatile and timeless styles you can have are metallic clutches in silver or gold or that classic black satin. Most women love a bit of sparkle, and for this, those with jewel on their clasp has effortless appeal.

The clutch is often disliked for its impracticality, but it has benefits you should not overlook. It is unique, contemporary, minimalistic and low maintenance. If you want to try a different style then go for a classy clutch that is a perfect addition to your edgy outfit. It also gives your neck and shoulders a break.

Every woman should have one of these purses

Top handle handbag

Top handle bags are elegant, and they are making a comeback. Typically, they have fixed shape and are carried by hand, but modifications have made them more chic and functional for this style is almost considered vintage. Major fashion names now have their versions of vintage-inspired top handle bags.

They are structured, even if the shape varies. There are classic box shapes, framed purses and flapovers. The handle is always short and very ladylike for it is carried by hand or by the wrist. New styles feature detachable strap for hands-free option. The size is usually small for everyday essentials and because it is supposed to be carried by hand, so that means it should be light.

Medium sized shoulder bag

Medium sized shoulder bags are the perfect daily go-to bags. They have sleek yet sporty appeal, and they come in a wide range of options so you can have your own based on your preference and budget. You can go for neat canvas during summer or leather and suede for your everyday workbag. Whether it is an office meeting or a casual day out with friends, your shoulder bag will not let you down.

Shoulder bags remain popular for the convenience they offer. They are perfect for busy days, be it travel or work-related. Medium sized ones are not as bulky as backpacks but are enough to hold your items in place. It does not restrict your movements as well, and it is easier to reach your things. When it comes to style, there will always be something that will fit yours.

Chic tote

Totes are typically large and unfastened bags with parallel handles that come from the sides, the style of reusable shopping bags. If you do not find those stylish, there are surely chic alternatives available. Every woman will find chic totes useful. It is not just big enough to haul your stuff, but also polished and professional looking. If you bring laptops, this is the ideal bag to use. If you are not carrying as much things, you can have small, lightweight ones.

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Day bag

Your everyday bag shows off your own personal style. Use it on days you want to have a bit more fun with how you look to kick things up on your daily routine. Feel free to choose from an array of stylish selections that do not have to break the bank. Pick something that is different from what you always use.

Statement bag

It does not have to be a designer bag, but it pays to invest in a luxurious, high quality bag that can last for many years. You can use this bag on days when you want to make a statement or outlast a trend. If you have the budget, well-made designer bags can be a wise investment. They can take a beating and still look like new after a long time. You can have them fixed if they are damaged. If you feel like buying something new, you can just resell them and buy another designer bag. A smart way to get designer bags at a less expensive price is to buy them at discounted price during sales.

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Colorful bag

Black and earth colors are a staple when it comes to bag, but it always pays to have a colorful bag or two to match a joyful mood or give a bad day a boost. Colors affect your mood, and a colored bag can accentuate your outfit. It can create a contrast or break up the look if the shades of your clothes are plain black, white or navy.

Bags and shoes are a girls’ best friend. If you love shopping for bags, be smart enough to buy different styles you can use for different occasions or moods. When choosing, consider your lifestyle and intended purpose. It should be big enough to carry your essentials, with pockets that keep it organized. In the end, it is your own personal style that should matter most.

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