Fashion trends from the past that are coming back

We all know that fashion is cyclical, and one of the best things about it is that so many things that our parents wore come back in style, and we can raid their wardrobes for something that we once thought was embarrassing! Here are some fashion trends from years gone by that are making a comeback!


If they’re good enough for Kendall and Gigi, they’re good enough for us. Although we used to buy them from Hot Topic or Claire’s, chokers have come back in a big way, and they are cuter than ever! Go for a classic tattoo choker for a vintage feel, or a sultry velvet one for a bit of grunge. This is a great way to make a casual outfit look a little more put together with minimal effort.

Ripped denim

Okay, so these 80s throwbacks will likely have your grandma threatening to get out the sewing kit, but ripped denim is back and edgier than ever! Throw on a distressed denim jacket to add a rocky vibe to a dress, or keep it simple with ripped jeans. Don’t spend a fortune on designer rips, but if you are going to do it yourself, follow a tutorial, so you don’t end up with enormous, weird-looking holes, rather than artful rips!

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Plaid is back, as shirts for a taste of 90s grunge, and on co-ord a la ‘Clueless’. The colors and patterns are no longer subtle and muted; it’s all about being loud and clashing, perhaps even layering over other patterns.


We are so glad that dungarees are back because they are quite possibly the cutest fashion item of all time! Although often associated with toddlers, why should they have all the fun?! Whether you rock a pair of denim overalls or a funky cotton dungaree dress, this is a fun look for all ages.


Backpacks are back, and we couldn’t be happier. Sure, clutch bags are cute, but backpacks are so much more functional and much kinder to our backs. We love being able to carry all sorts of bits and bobs that we didn’t necessarily need to bring out with us, and the super retro mini versions are perfect for festivals.

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Athleisure is basically 90s tracksuits, but fancy! No longer just worn by teenagers hanging out in the park at night, athleisure is for celebs and mommy bloggers alike. Look as if you’ve just strolled out of a yoga session when you’re actually on your way to Starbucks for the first PSL of the season.

Cropped tops

Love them or loathe them, these are a very divisive fashion trend that has come back in a big way! Back when we were in middle school, cropped tops and leggings were the go-to look for every school disco. Don’t get us wrong, some people are still rocking them like a champ, and they look amazing, but finding a jumper you love, and then finding that it’s cropped is a pretty specific type of heartbreak!

It’s always fun to get a little retro and old-school with your fashion, and even more so now that these things are coming back. Remember to keep everything that is in style now and who knows; your own children might be borrowing it in years to come!

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