Outfits you can wear to work and out afterward

All work and no play make for a dull day, so when we do get the opportunity to go out and about after the workday it helps to be dressed and ready for action. We have compiled a list of our favorite versatile outfits that will help any boss lady slay both in and out of the office!

1. Jeans, a white shirt, and a blazer

This is a timeless look that is perfectly suited to the formality of the office environment, offering an element of comfort in the process. For those ladies who don’t want to wear a completely fitted look, this outfit option is the perfect guinea pig to play with varying sizes.

The key to mastering classy and chic outfits is to balance the breathing room of the silhouettes, meaning that we should try to pair loose items with fitted items and vice versa. So if we are wanting to rock skinny jeans, then a loose tee and an oversized blazer will look great. If boyfriend jeans are your pace, then a tighter top with a well-fitted blazer is the answer.

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For anyone wanting to express their creativity a little more, play around with graphic tees, varying colors of jeans, various patterned blazers, as well as mixing up shoes from sneakers to heels.

Anyone can walk straight out of a board meeting and onto the dance floor with ease with an outfit like this.

2. Long-sleeved midi-dress and pumps

This is a super classy look that will allow anyone to elegantly operate the office grounds with ease. The long sleeves and hemline of the midi-dress combined with reasonable heels mean that this is a formal yet feminine look.

When the clock strikes five, just like a modern-day Cinderella, the addition of a few accessories will have us ready for any ball that may await. For example, swapping out simple studs for statement earrings or the office tote for a clutch purse will have us ready in no time.

3. A sleeveless dress and a blazer on top

In a similar approach to contrasting silhouettes, matching a fitted blazer with a flowy summer dress or a structured dress with an oversized blazer is a refreshing office staple. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classic little black dress or a patterned masterpiece, the addition of the blazer adds an element of formality to an otherwise fun item of clothing.

As soon as the evening rolls around, the blazer can be folded away and we are left with a pretty and casual look.

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4. A beautiful blouse, fitted trousers, and pumps

For those ladies who aren’t afraid to show off their feminine side, this outfit choice is a winner. The option of blouses available is an endless plethora of styles, patterns, and colors; allowing any woman to express herself a little during office hours. And when paired with a tailored set of trousers and heels, the look is elevated to a level of formality that is undisputed.

This look effortlessly transitions from office canteen to evening glam with no changes at all.

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5. Matching pantsuit/matching pants and top

Nothing shouts ‘power’ like a matching pantsuit! However, for those ladies who don’t want to commit to this powerful staple just yet, purchasing a matching set made up of pants and top will work just as well. Not only can these items be mixed and matched to provide additional outfit options, but when worn together can appear like a classy jumpsuit. Just be sure to select modest hemlines and necklines so the appropriateness of this outfit is never questioned. If some of us may still be feeling a little unsure of the formality of this look, dressing it up with a pair of pumps and blazer always does the trick.

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And of course, this outfit choice will rock any after-work shenanigans we may get up to.

So there we have it, our favorite outfits that we can wear to work and out afterwards. From pretty dresses to blazer-jeans combos, blouses, trousers, and matching pants suits – there are many ways for us women to effortlessly transition from the office to the afterparty in no time at all.

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