The cutest socks out there

Socks are the perfect unisex accessory that can make any outfit pop! They are the versatile necessity we all love to wear; whether it’s to accentuate a pair of trusty sneakers, show a little personality under a suit and tie, or even rock with some sandals or heels for a fun and frivolous look. There are so many options to choose from, so we are here to make life a little easier with our list of the cutest socks out there:

Marvelous in monotone

Stepping out first on our list of favorites is an iconic staple that should be a part of every person’s wardrobe; a marvelous pair of monotone shin-high socks. These types of socks add a bold statement to any outfit and gravitates an onlooker’s eyes towards the shoes.

In saying so, some statement sneakers or a bold boot is a must. Combine these with shorts, mini or midi-skirts, dresses, and essentially anything with a shorter hemline that shows some leg and it will complement this look well.


While classic black and white can be worn with most outfits, those seeking a little more adventure can get monotoned socks in trending colors like mustard and burgundy to add a little spice to an ensemble.

Lucky in lace

Racy lacey ankle socks are next on the cutest socks list as these bad boys scream sweetness. These cotton socks are lined at the top with frilly lace to add a feminine touch to any outfit while still offering the sole support of sturdy sock.

Boots and sneakers also go perfectly with these cuties paired with a Capri, cut-off or rolled-up jeans, midi-skirts, and medium length dresses to name a few. We want to keep an eye out for a hemline that gives these ankle socks enough breathing room to shine!


The fashionistas and risk-takers have ramped up the cuteness factor to the next level by bringing out completely lace, fishnet, and cotton-nylon patterned blended ankle socks. These types of socks were made to be seen and have been paired with strappy heeled sandals, pumps, and cut out boots.

Gorgeously graphic

Graphic socks have become a huge trend as of late, making their way into popular clothing chain stores and flea markets alike. Perhaps part of the reason that the masses are moving towards these stunning socks is their ability to help us express more about who we are. From the food we eat to the art styles we like, the animals we identify with to our favorite holidays; there are so many options when it comes to the design and illustration on these socks.

These socks can be worn under a standard uniform during the week, pulled up and paired with sneakers and shorts, worn to bed with PJs and slippers, or even peak out from long boots during colder weather. These socks are so versatile because they help us share our sense of identity with the world and everyone should own at least one pair.


Knock out knee-highs

Knee-high and thigh-high socks are another set of cute styles that adds an alluring element to any outfit. Because of the bold length, these socks draw the eye higher up the leg and thus are often paired with shorter skirts, dresses, and shorts. These socks also look sensational when paired with sneakers, heels, and boots.

The sky-high sock variety doesn’t have to be plain and monotoned as many come embellished with lace, netting, and embroidered patterns. Others are made out of materials like wool, cotton, nylon, and more for a textured variation.


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