How to maintain a great skin-care routine

When it comes to skin care, everyone has struggled at some point in their lives. Keeping skin clear, healthy and moisturized can get pretty challenging. Sometimes it even seems like skin can have a mind of its own (not in a creepy way, just in an annoying way). If you’ve ever wanted to just throw in the towel, we definitely don’t blame you. Luckily, the way skin behaves isn’t completely random. Your day-to-day life and habits can have a huge impact on how your skin looks, and making a few simple changes can go a long way. Don’t worry, you got this!

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Figure out your skin type

One of the very first things you’re going to want to do on your skin care journey is figure out what type of skin you have. Skin care is pretty personal, and there is no one solution that works for everybody. You could have dry skin, oily skin, or something in between. There’s nothing wrong with any skin type, but the way you treat them can vary drastically.

One of the easiest ways to figure this out is by using what is known as the bare-faced method. This involves just cleaning off your skin with a gentle soap or cleanser and letting it dry without using any moisturizers, creams or make-up. After a while, you should start to feel if your face is dry, or you’ll be able to look in the mirror and see slight shininess from oil. From here, you can use this data to inform what sort of products to buy. Speaking of which….

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Get the right products

Getting products that suit you is an absolute must on the road to healthy skin. If you’ve determined that you have dry skin, you’re going to want to avoid heavy, abrasive cleaners like the plague, as they’ll only dry you out further. Moisturizers are a must, especially those that are oil-based. While some people will want to use a cleanser first thing in the morning, a simple wash with water is sufficient for those of us with dry skin. Cleansers will remove natural face oils, which is something that will dry you out even further.

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If your skin is more on the oily side, you’ll want to seek out over the counter medicated acne products for normal flare-ups. Another product that can be a huge help for those with oily skin are blotting papers. These are basically little pads that help lift up and remove extra oil from the surface of your skin.

One final tip for finding the right products: don’t rush it. When people use new products, they often expect immediate results, something that definitely won’t happen with your skin. Try out something new for a few weeks and wait to see if it actually ends up having an effect. It usually takes a while for any effect to actually be seen, and you’ll be glad you waited. If nothing ends up happening, no biggie! Feel free to move on and try something new.

Make a schedule…and stick to it!

It can be easy to skip a day here or there when it comes to skin care. However, sticking to a schedule is important not only for your skin, but for your brain too! By making a habit out of skin care, it will become second nature. Choose exactly what you’re going to do every day, both in the mornings and nights. This way, your skin gets the attention it needs and you can avoid uncomfortable or spotty skin.

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With that being said, experimenting isn’t always bad. It can be good to try out new things. One of the most vital things to remember, however, is that a flare-up or two doesn’t mean that your routine is worth throwing out the window. Sometimes we have an off day (or two…or a week), and diligent care with the same routine you’ve been using can help get you back to normal.

One thing to note is that some products should be used daily, while others are used more sparingly. Pay attention to what the product recommends, as well as how your skin reacts to it. Only you can determine what actually works and what doesn’t! With enough time, you’ll get a feel for how to treat yourself.

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