How to make your wedding day less stressful

Your life is a series of milestones. Your first birthday. Getting your first car. Falling in love. And of course, getting married. There’s really nothing more beautiful and amazing than two people who are madly in love, attesting their undying devotion to one another in the presence of their friends and family. While your wedding day can be an amazingly incredible day (especially when you finally get to share your first kiss as a married couple!) it can also be a highly stressful one, too. To help you avoid losing your mind, and to make your wedding day go as smoothly as possible, here are four tips to help minimize stress and maximize joy on your big day!

How to make your wedding day less stressful

Tie Off Your Loose Ends Early

Planning a wedding requires a lot of planning and forethought. By the time you’re done, you’re probably going to be looking at your betrothed like, “Why didn’t we just jet off to Vegas and elope?” But by the time the date rolls around, you’re going to feel so much joy and relief that you won’t mind the sheer amount of work you put into planning your wedding. That said, make sure you get everything finalized before your special date rolls around. Nobody wants to be signing checks or getting hassled for a payment as you say your I-dos!

…But Also, Be Open Minded!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “This wedding went off without a hitch!” Well, you know what? It’s silly. Why? For two reasons. One, you actually want your wedding to go off with a hitch. That’s the whole point of weddings, right? And secondly, there’s going to be hiccups. No matter how careful you are, no matter how much you plan, issues will arise. Sure, maybe they’re going to be tiny ones, like the coordinator accidentally using blush napkins instead of mauve ones at the reception (the outrage!). Or they may be big ones, like the officiant rolling in a half hour late. As long as you’re aware of them — and keep your cool — your wedding day really will be one of the happiest days of your life!


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Put Your Friends to Work

Your friends have been by your side almost as long, if not longer, than you’ve been with your beloved. They know your moods, your ups and downs, and they know how you react when you’re both overwhelmingly happy and overwhelmingly stressed. Even if you try to act as cool as a cucumber about your nuptial stress levels, your friends can see right through that act. Because of this, you may hear multiple offers from your friends to help out on your big day. You may feel tempted to refuse. Please don’t. Your friends love you, so let them assist. You’ll be much less stressed on your wedding day if you do!

How to make your wedding day less stressful

Don’t Forget to Eat

Food is so important. It fills your belly, it introduces you to new cultures and cuisines, and you know what? It also helps keep you from fainting from low blood sugar as you work your way down the aisle. The thing is, many brides (and grooms!) are so busy rushing around to get ready for the ceremony that many of them completely forget to eat. By the time you’re ready to exchange your vows, you’re going on the better part of twelve hours without food in your stomach and you think your lightheadedness is due to your excitement. If you’re going to swoon on your wedding day, let it be from overwhelming love for your partner. Eat a little snack before you exchange your vows, then don’t forget to partake in the yummy offerings at your reception, too!

How to make your wedding day less stressful

Tears of Joy, Not Stress

Whether you’re just a few days out from your wedding, or your significant other hasn’t popped the big question yet, there’s a good chance that you’ve already started planning for your big day. Regardless, it’s important to remember that, no matter what happens, a wedding is a union of two people who are deeply in love. Don’t let trivial things like getting hungry or a little bit of buttercream on your dress sully your memories of your day. By going in with an open mind, and making sure you nibble on a snack before you tie the knot, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful wedding day…and the only tears you shed will be tears of joy, not stress!

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