What do men want? How does the male mind work? Ever since the show The Mind of the Married Man came along I have been fascinated by the mind of men and what makes them tick. MaleRoom, a new media company is launching a show all about the mind of single men, an exciting deep dive from a unique perspective (more on the show and the company below). We got our hands on the first episode, take a look:


The company has an Instagram channel worth checking out, I am personally excited to see what the next episodes have in store.



More about MaleRoom:

Enter MaleRoom… a media brand for single women with content created by men.  Think a modern-day “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” where we’ll be discussing everything from dating, communication, and tribal knowledge.  The format will include a podcast, video series, and interactive events.  Guests will be various archetypes of men from celebrities, influencers and everyday guys to get a range of unique perspectives.  Topics will be anything from “Is Romance Dead” to “Modern Day Monogamy” and segments will include “Text Translations” and “Daily PSAs” from men around the world. 

* This post will be updated soon *