This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week

Getting out of bed in the morning can be a struggle for even the most resolute of people. But maximizing those first 3-morning hours every day can be the key to living your best life and being as productive as possible. Studies show that the human brain is most alert coming right out of sleep. So, getting to work early can really help to get your best work done in the early A.M. pre-lunch hours. Getting to work when your mind is at its sharpest puts you in the best position to produce your highest quality work and not just the large quantity that working long-hours can produce. In America, we are all used to an 8-hour workday, but other countries are starting to experiment with a 30-hour workweek and the results are staggering. Cutting hours out of the day for workers has in many cases led to a rise in profits and in morale.

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Maximizing efficiency and productivity

The first step toward getting the absolute most out of your day is scrapping the idea of an 8-hour workday. Sure working long hours may seem like the right recipe for getting a lot done. But studies show that cutting the workday down to about 6-hours per day can lead to an uptick in productivity. Furthermore, using only your sharpest hours of the day to work means that the quality of the work is better. So, not only has a shortened workweek tended to raise the amount of work done, but it also raises the quality of the work. So studies are basically showing that it is far more efficient to work fewer hours. So while employers are always looking for workers willing to burn the candle on both ends, the more knowledgeable workers know they are doing more for the company by only giving their very best hours to the clock.

Own your morning

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The first 3-hours of the day are crucial to having a productive day, so no matter what, you have got to own your morning. You have got to go into the first 3-hours of the day with a plan of action and stick to it. Too many people spend the beginning of their day in meetings, checking emails, or in worst-case scenarios on the dreaded time sucker that is social media. But statistics say that using those early hours of the day to focus deeply on work leads to a far more efficient day. So, while it may seem blasphemous to suggest skipping that morning spinning class, or forgoing your morning coffee while perusing the New York Times, the facts are there to support diving headfirst into the workday. Owning your morning means making yourself unavailable for the entire length of time, and only being reachable in case of a serious crisis.

All work and no play …

It has been well established that what time you get to work, and how long you work for is extremely important. But, something that is equally as important but too often forgotten about is the time you don’t spend working. Getting going early in the morning will make you more productive. Making sure not to overwork will make you more efficient. But always remembering to spend a proper amount of time at play will make you more passionate. Spending the right amount of time detached from the day to day grind will only make it that much easier when it is time to put your nose to the grindstone. Studies have shown that workers who unplug from their jobs for a sufficient amount of time each day perform far better when they return to work than their coworkers who do not.

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Music can help

Keeping your mind on your work is obviously paramount to doing a good job, but many researchers have found that adding a bit of music to the routine can help boost brain activity. Researchers have seen that playing the same song on repeat while working can leave the listener completely immersed in the song and prevents the mind from wandering. This mental adblocker has been seen as helping to improve overall focus and lead to higher quality work. Furthermore, they have found that listening to instrumental music, especially classical, heightens the effect and can even make you smarter.

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