How to plan a romantic date with your partner

The time has come for you and your significant other to set aside some quality time together. When everything else in each of your lives puts the opportunity for romance on hold, it is important to follow specific steps to arrange your next get-together. An organized, pragmatic approach to dating your partner will ensure a sense of calm and enjoyment of the other person, proving once again why the two of you have come together as well as the power of your partnership.


Step 1: Find the right time. Schedule it.

Some may say that the longer a couple has been together, the more difficult it becomes to schedule time dedicated to each other. This is especially true if there are children or other dependents in each of your lives. Taking the time and energy to discuss the importance of dates with your partner should then make it easier to commit to them. Couples often refer to relationships as an ongoing compromise, where both parties consider the responsibilities and must-dos of their partner as a part of their own regular lives. Carving out time from each of your schedules is just one of many compromises you must make with and for each other. After all, being committed to another person, regardless of the amount of time that you have been together, means that your partner is a priority in your life and scheduling ongoing dates with each other is part of that commitment. Agree on a date and time and make sure it is noted in a calendar that both you and your partner use on a regular basis.


Step 2: Who’s responsible?

Now that the date and time have been officially decided, what are the two of you going to do during these specified hours? How did the idea of a romantic date with your significant other come up in conversation? Whoever brought dating up might have to be the partner who figures out where you spend your date and what you will be doing as a couple. Or maybe the two of you decide who should be leading the plan. The important part of this planning portion is that you both communicate freely about your decision and look forward to your time together. Ultimately, each partner is responsible for coordinating the plan and making the time, setting aside the energy and enjoying one another during the date. Looking forward to the romance and activity of the date will be a positive addition to both of your lives. After all, scheduling romance with your partner is all about keeping your connection fresh and exciting. One person should be ultimately responsible for the place and activity that you will be doing on your date.


Step 3: Retrospective time

Now that the two of you have gone through with your plan and had your romantic date, tell each other how that dedicated time spent with one another felt, and what you each took away from the experience. In order to gauge whether a date is something worth planning again, an honest conversation about the event itself is required.

During this step, it is important to listen to your partner and to be honest. Be sure to ask questions like “Did you enjoy that?” and “Would you like to do something different?” It might sound silly to think about having these conversations, but when a couple is looking for ways to plan time for each other, it is always a good idea to express thoughts and feelings throughout the process. You have come far enough as a pair to acknowledge one another as a partner, and now you have accomplished a planned time for romance. Now it is time for feedback. Check in with each other.


Romance anywhere

Whether you are planning to have a romantic date with your partner because it sounds like a fun idea, or you both feel like it is something that you need to make time for, the important aspect is that each partner wants to do it. Dedicating a set time to one another should mean that there is an intention to keep your connection strong. As long as each person in the relationship is invested, your romantic date can be anywhere, at any time. Being together is the important part.

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