Reasons everyone should pick up a hobby

You might consider a hobby to be a frivolous add-on to your routine. But the truth is, maintaining hobbies is essential to all kinds of success, from personal development to career growth. Having some sort of creative outlet is an excellent way to reduce stress while increasing confidence. While sitting at home and vegging out to TV might soothe to some extent, a hobby is more fulfilling and comes with more health benefits. While eating well and staying physically fit are essential staples in a holistic lifestyle, doing what you love is equally integral. Hobbies are a form of self-care and a helpful way to enrich your life in all areas. Here’s why you should pick one up, or even re-learn an old passion.

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Personal growth and social skills unite

Hobbies can enhance your personal growth by having a positive effect on your mental health. If you suffer from social anxiety or depression, a hobby lets you ease into your social needs without directly interacting or making eye contact. Consider knitting, an independent activity often completed in a group setting, or a book club, which lets you control the level of participation. Sports also allow for interaction without the chit-chat. Making friends through your hobby is a great way to meet new people who you also have things in common with. This can be especially useful when traveling or moving. They’re also a terrific way to transition into retirement.

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Tap into your artistic side with creativity

Some of us experience creative blocks, while others don’t believe they have a creative side. That’s simply not true – you just need the right inspiration to ignite it. When you’re in the flow of a hobby, your mind may open itself to new possibilities, and even help you come up with solutions to problems you were struggling with before. Hobbies also happen to eliminate boredom, another common culprit of creative blocks, with ease. Instead, you’re continually improving your knowledge while having a good time. This arsenal of experience makes your brain an untapped well of creativity at all times, just waiting to make unexpected connections.

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Increase self esteem with a confidence-builder

When most of us genuinely enjoy doing something we consider a passion, we’re generally moderately skilled in it. So while starting a hobby might be intimidating, they allow you to develop a sense of pride and accomplishment, which in turn boosts your confidence. When navigating problem-solving in your hobby and facing new challenges, overcoming those hurdles helps you build even more confidence. Most importantly, advancing in every hobby requires learning patience, which is a life skill to be used in a diverse range of contexts.

A powerful stress buster

Many of us reach a chocolate bar or hide under our comforter in the face of stress. Still, a hobby is a much healthier coping mechanism. In the everyday chaos of the world around you, a hobby can help clear your mind. No matter what you take up, this sense of concentration will lull you into a meditation-like state. When your hobby occupies your brain, your thoughts can meander rather than honing in on the anxieties that usually take over. Whether it’s gardening or skiing, a hobby can help bring you inner zen.

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Increased success at work

You might just problem solve your way into a promotion, thanks to your new hobby. When your mind is unblocked and free of clutter, a much-needed professional solution might come your way when you least expect it. While hobbies can bolster your social life, they can also create connections in the workplace, which helps facilitate networking and better teamwork in the office. A hobby can teach you tons of real-life skills that are transferable to a range of industries and might open you up to more opportunities, both personal and professional. You might end up president of a local chapter or open the door to a future in politics.

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