Smart ways to save money at your wedding

Weddings are, to put it lightly, pretty awesome. In what other scenario can you gather up all of your favorite pals and family members and cram them underneath one roof to watch you kiss your best friend? Then. Then. It gets better. You get to eat cake! Aww yisss. How cool is that? Seriously, when it comes to parties, nothing compares to weddings. However, there’s one teeny tiny downside to this whole wedding hullabaloo: the price. While weddings are undoubtedly the ultimate celebration of love and happiness, they often come with a pretty hefty price tag. It seems as though the moment a vendor learns that your request for flowers, or a dress, or that yummy cake is for a wedding, the price practically triples. What’s a smitten couple to do to shave a few dollars off their wedding costs? Don’t fret – you can still have an amazing ceremony without breaking the bank!

Smart ways to save money at your wedding

Save on Invitations

If you’ve already started drawing up your wedding invitations, then you’ve probably already got an idea of how much they’re going to cost to print. Who knew that little slips of paper with some ink on them could be so expensive? It’s not like you’re hiring a professional calligrapher to hand write them, right? Look, your goal is to get your friends and family to come to your wedding. You’re not trying to impress them with embossed, linen invitations. Instead, design your own and have them printed either locally or online. You’ll be surprised at how much it saves you!

Get Creative with Dresses

If you’ve ever popped into a bridal shop to look for dresses, then you’re probably very familiar with the entire process. If not, here’s a rundown of what you can expect. An excitable sales associate is going to tell you that you’re absolutely beautiful (because, to be fair, you are) and hand you piles of lace, satin, and chiffon. And you’re going to see the price tag and your eyes will get really big, then you’ll back slowly out of the boutique. Instead of going the designer wedding dress route, look for white (or any color!) gowns that are marked as prom or bridesmaids’ dresses. They’re a fraction of the price, but just as stunning (again, just like you)!


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Snag Your Dream Venue

When it comes to venues, you have your choice of locations. You can get married in your place of worship, at a historic mansion, or even inside a restored barn. And while these all come with their own appeal, they also come with varying price points, too. To save on your venue, you could plan your wedding in the offseason. This means getting married in the winter instead of spring or summer. Or, you can get a little bit creative and find offbeat venues. What about your town’s library? Or even call your city’s conservatory to see if they host weddings. These places are all phenomenal venues but cost next to nothing compared to more popular sites.

Reconsider Your Cake

Now, when we say reconsider your cake, we don’t mean skip the cake. Oh, heck no. It’s not a wedding without a cake. But here’s the thing. If you tell a bakery you’re looking for a wedding cake, that price is going to shoot up dramatically. Instead, search around until you find your dream cake, then order it as-is. Don’t mention weddings. That’ll be your little secret. You’ll save literally hundreds of dollars by keeping mum on what the cake is actually for. And you know what? It’s still going to taste just as incredible. (Psst – you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Like, ever. Just be careful not to spill any on your lovely dress, though!)

Smart ways to save money at your wedding

Smart and Frugal: The Perfect Match

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of wedding planning. Because this is the type of event that happens only once in your life, it’s all too tempting to want to sink all of your money into making sure it’s the most fantastic party ever. Yes, this is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. But a wedding is just one day. Your love and commitment to your partner will last you for the rest of your lives, and you don’t want to be starting your new life with a massive wedding bill looming over your head. After all, you want to start your married life deeply in love, not deeply in debt, right? By thinking outside the box and going the DIY route, however, you can save beaucoup dollars on your big day. And that’s something for which you can live happily ever after!

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