Things that you should always keep in your bag

A woman’s bag is like a portal to an entire world! Where men seem to have pockets (and boy, do we wish all our clothes had pockets!) women have to carry around mini suitcases wherever we go, but the amount of things we manage to fit in them is pretty impressive. Here are some things you should always keep in your bag.

Power bank

Remember when phone batteries lasted a week? Sadly, now we’re lucky if they last all day, and with them now being our maps, calculators, communication devices and cameras, we really need them to! Carry around a (charged up!) power bank and never have the devastation of a dead battery again.

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Lip balm

Chapped in the winter and burnt in the summer, our poor lips don’t seem to catch a break. Be sure to pop your favorite lip balm in your bag, for those days when you need a kissable pout.


Sure, we all use cards for everything in 2019, but how often do you find yourself needing actual change and not having any? Keep some dollar bills for tips or vending machines, and perhaps an emergency $20 hidden away, just in case.

Notebook and pen

A notebook and a pen can be used to jot down fantastic moments of genius or your number to pass to the attractive man behind the counter at your favorite coffee shop. You’ll also feel super organized, being the one person who always has a pen and paper handy.

Snack bar

For those times when you don’t have a moment free to grab a proper lunch, but you need a little snack to keep you going, be sure to have a cereal bar in your bag for energy. When you eat it, don’t forget to replenish it!

Hand sanitizer

The world can be pretty gross, especially if you are on public transport, so carry around some hand sanitizer to keep those germs at bay as much as possible.

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Medicine and bandaids

When you inevitably do catch something, you’re going to want some paracetamol for your headache, so be sure to keep some in your bag. We’d also recommend bandaids for when your new shoes start to give you blisters.

Hair tie

Not just for getting long locks out of your face, you’ll be surprised how handy a hair tie can be in a pinch. For example, if the button on your pants were to pop open, you can tether it together using a hair tie.


There’s nothing worse than waiting around with nothing to do. Give your eyes a break from your phone and social media by keeping something to read in your bag. A Kindle is an excellent option as it doesn’t take up much space, but there’s something special about reading from an actual page.


Headphones are ideal for listening to podcasts on the train, rocking out to Beyonce as you walk into work, or simply sending a message to everyone around you that you want to be left alone. Don’t leave home without them!


Spilt coffee on yourself, or just have a runny nose? Keeping some wipes or tissues in your bag will save you a lot of hassle in the long run!

These are just some of the things you need to keep in your bag, so is it any wonder our bags are so big?

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