How to throw the ultimate pool party

Have you ever noticed that your outdoor activity is directly correlated to the temperature outside? As the weather grows hotter, more and more of us are choosing to stay indoors, out of the sweltering heat. It’s almost ironic, isn’t it? While we lament the freezing weather of wintertime, and we look forward to the springtime with unbridled excitement, we simply don’t want to bother with stepping outside when the thermometer creeps up into triple digits. Why would you want to go outside and get all sweaty when you could be chilling in your air-conditioned living room while sipping on an ice-cold glass of lemonade, right? Look, if you’re tired of the hot weather and you have an inviting pool beckoning to you from just outside your window, you need to throw the ultimate pool party. Not sure how? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Avoid overthinking It

Some people are seriously amazing at planning parties. They pick a theme, they have their invitations professionally designed, and they demand RSVPs weeks in advance. But you know what? If you spend all this time worrying about how you’re going to actually get this party rolling, you’re going to miss out on the actual chance to enjoy it. Our suggestion? Call (or text!) your friends, tell them to be there on Saturday around noonish, and remind them to bring their swimsuit. Done. Easy peasy.

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Crack out the grill

The only thing arguably better than a pool party is a barbecue. What if you combined the best of both worlds, and got to grilling at your next pool party? Forget fancy hors d’oeuvres, it’s not that kind of party. Instead, ask one friend to bring the buns. Have another bring the condiments. See if someone else will provide the hot dogs, and determine beforehand if you can trust someone to remember the chips. (It’s just not a party without those yummy cheese-dusted corn chips. Seriously.) Your job? Operating the grill. Aww yeah, now that’s a party!

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Hydrate your guests

It’s easy to forget that splashing around in your swimming pool is actually a serious workout. After all, you’re cool, you’re comfortable, and you’re surrounded by water, water everywhere (but not a drop of it you can drink). To avoid accidentally dehydrating your friends, make sure you have plenty of cold drinks set out. All you need are a few buckets or coolers filled to the brim with ice and your favorite soft drinks and you’re set. (Just don’t forget water and those iconic red cups, either, for those who prefer unsweetened drinks!)

Don’t forget dessert

When it comes to dessert, you have two choices. One, you can set out rows of your favorite types of cookies for your guests to choose from. (Can we put in a vote for chocolate chippers? Pretty please?) Or, two, you can be the host with the most if you roll out a full-fledged ice cream buffet. You’ll need to act quick if you go this route, but can you imagine the look of sheer joy on everyone’s face when you reveal gallons of vanilla ice cream and an unlimited assortment of sprinkles and hot fudge? Sure, it’ll melt fast, but it’s also totally worth it.


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Keep cleanup simple

After it’s all said and done, and your guests start to slowly trickle home, you’ll still be stuck with a mess to clean up afterward. And there’s very few things sadder in the world than having to wash sinks full of dishes and haul bags of trash out to the curb all by yourself after the party eventually breaks. To help streamline the cleanup, discreetly enlist a few friends in advance to help tackle the mess. (Pro tip: true friends won’t refuse assistance!) You can also use recyclable and compostable flatware and plates, too, if you want to avoid needless waste.

If the hot weather’s got you down, and you’re feeling sluggish and lethargic in the blazing hot summer heat, then you really can’t go wrong with throwing a pool party. Just plan ahead to make sure it goes as smoothly and easily as possible. Minimize the fuss, ask your friends to rally together to avoid stress, and make sure you keep plenty of sunblock on hand. And if you’re worried about having the post-party blues afterward? No worries…you can always throw another party next week, too!

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