Why these ultra popular productivity hacks might not be for you

These days, it seems as though everyone has a life hack that they’re trying to peddle to you. Whether they’re telling you to start drinking green juice, get into dry brushing, or start jogging, they reveal the hack to you with a type of unbridled enthusiasm that’s actually sort of endearing. The funny thing is, every time someone tries to convince you to try their particular life hack, they’re extremely passionate about it. It’s changed their lives, and they’re wholly convinced that it’ll change yours, too. 

Get up a half hour earlier than usual

Every time someone tries to tell you how to improve your life, inevitably they’ll let it slip that they want you to give up your precious sleep to achieve it. And yes, there’s probably a grain of truth to it. Imagine all of the incredible things you can accomplish with an extra half hour in your day. But you know what? That’s a half-hour window that you’re not sleeping, and science has repeatedly proven that not getting enough sleep is more dangerous for you than trying to milk an extra thirty minutes out of your day. Take that, early birds!


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Use your shower to iron your clothes

It’s probably a fairly reasonable statement to suggest that most people like to look their very best. Whether they wake up a little bit early (see: productivity tip number one) to do their hair and put on a touch of makeup, or they take up jogging a habit, these are some of the little things we do to help us look more attractive. That said, not everyone has the luxury of time to spend on ironing their clothes. The solution? Hang your wrinkled clothes in the shower while you bathe. The problem? That’d have to be a really long shower to get deep-set wrinkles out. You might as well just iron them at that point!

Why these ultra popular productivity hacks might not be for you

Do difficult stuff first thing in the morning

What does your to-do list look like today? Are there only one or two things lurking on it, or do you have a laundry list a mile long to complete? If you’re facing a mountain of responsibilities to tackle today, then it may be tempting to try to knock them all out before you do your leisure activities.

That way, your afternoon is wide open so you can relax. Sounds great, right? Uh, nope. You know what’ll happen if you try to knock off the difficult things on your chores list right away? You’ll wear yourself out, that’s what. Instead, parse them out throughout the day. Take little breaks if you need them. Look, you’re not Superman. Try to do your best, and if it takes you a few hours to get your work done, then so be it!

Repeat someone’s name back to them

Are you the forgetful type? Do you walk into a room and instantly forget why you went in there to begin with? If so, then you probably struggle to remember other things, such as the names of people you’ve just met.

Why these ultra popular productivity hacks might not be for you

It’s been suggested that to help you solidify names in your memory, you should repeat them back within the first few minutes of meeting a new person. But you know what’s really going to happen? You’re going to meet Mark. And in a few minutes, you’re going to say, “It was great meeting you, Mike.” Whoops. You know what? You’re going to forget their names anyway. Just discreetly ask a mutual friend later. It’s totally fine, we promise.

All work and no play?

When you take a look at the clock, you’ll see that there are only twenty-four hours listed on it. That’s 1,440 minutes to get everything done. And while it can definitely be tempting to want to find little life hacks and shortcuts to get it done quicker, certain productivity hacks just aren’t going to happen. What’s the point of a life hack that winds up giving you more work? So if you’ve ever been told to try out these four life hacks and it caused you to raise a brow, you may be onto something. Sure, if they help you? By all means, do them! But if not? You can absolutely skip them with a clear conscience!

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