The Best Dressed Stars at The Brit Awards

The Brit Awards is the one night of the year where some of the best musical artists from the UK – and the rest of the world – come together to celebrate some incredible talent. While there’s no doubt about the fact that the music and the artists are at the center of our attention, it would be rude not to talk about their incredible Brit Award outfits, right?


How could we not talk about Queen Lizzo? Nominated within the Best International Female Artist category, Lizzo proved that she was the ultimate snack when she turned up on the red carpet dressed as a Hershey’s chocolate bar. Sure, it was not something any of us was expecting, but it stole the show and made us pretty hungry at the same time.

Billie Eilish

Let’s be honest; Billie Eilish was the woman of the hour at the 2020 Brit Awards, and she turned up to the awards rocking her signature look. Dressed in Burberry from head to toe, she was decked out in an oversized sweater, loose-fitting pants, and a matching coat and visor-like hat. To top the whole look off, her nails were even painted with the Burberry pattern all over them. Her first live performance of her new James Bond track stole the show.

Harry Styles

Seriously, someone needs to give Harry Styles’ stylist a raise. Harry had a few outfit changes at the Brit Awards, but we would be doing the world of fashion a disservice if we didn’t talk about two of our favorites. Of course, we’re talking about his yellow suit complete with bright purple bow, and the lace number – complete with lace fingerless gloves – that he wore for his emotional performance on stage.


This singer is known for pushing boundaries with her fashion, and there’s no doubt about the fact that her cotton-candy-like dress stole the show for us. Her Florence Greiller dress was short at the front with a giant train and bow at the back, and, of course, she had to top the whole thing off with bright pink hair and a tiara. After all, she looked like a princess.

The Brit Awards saw celebs make their way to the red carpet and into the venue with numerous different looks, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say that all of them were as stylish as anything. These guys sure know how to dress themselves.