How Latex Is Becoming A Fashion Must-Have This Year

The 2020 Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks are in full swing and so far we’ve seen some pretty weird and wonderful stuff. From superhero-inspired clothes in New York through to a real-life flood in Paris, it’s been one of the best fashion seasons so far. However, one trend that is really causing a stir this year is latex.

How Latex Is Becoming A Fashion Must-Have This Year

On the runway

It seems as though latex has dominated the runway this season, with Saint Laurent leading the way in Paris last week. Latex leggings were paired with blazers to create a striking image coming down the catwalk. However, it wasn’t just on the runway that we have seen an influx of the typically shocking fabric this season. It seems as though all the celebs want in on the action too.

Celebrity style

Lady Gaga’s new video for ‘Stupid Love’ sees her dancing around in a custom latex two-piece, almost as though she is the Pink Power Ranger. Kim Kardashian, always one for causing a stir with her outfits, also turned up to Kanye West’s show wearing a latex bodysuit in mustard. It seems as though everyone wants a piece of this new trend, but just how wearable is it?

How Latex Is Becoming A Fashion Must-Have This Year

Wearing latex

This fashion must-have may be divisive, as latex isn’t the easiest thing for everyone to pull off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the trend yourself. All of the high street retailers have started filling their shelves with all things latex, particularly when it comes to leggings. One step above the wet look leggings that proved so popular recently, these can be paired with pretty much anything on top. Go full Saint Laurent with boxy blazers and suit jackets or go full-on floaty with a cami top.

Latex is a dominating trend on the runway this season, but it doesn’t have to be reserved for celebs and supermodels. How will you wear yours?