TikTok Users Show Off Their ‘Beautiful Flaws’ In New Trend

TikTok has grown to take over the world – and it doesn’t look as though the social media platform will be going anywhere anytime soon. As well as dominating the internet, TikTok is also helping people to show off their ‘beautiful flaws’ in a brand new trend.

TikTok Users Show Off Their ‘Beautiful Flaws’ In New Trend

Starting the trend

The latest TikTok trend to take the internet doesn’t involve makeovers or dance moves. It’s actually one that sees people embracing their ‘beautiful flaws.’ For years, people have thought their “flaws” are holding them back, but now there are entire videos dedicated to showing them off. Not only has it helped people learn how to love themselves, but it’s also inspired others to start doing the same.

Embracing curls

Many of us would do anything for curly hair, but some people have struggled to love their curls – until now. Miranda Lauren is one of the many to jump on the ‘beautiful flaws’ trend as she shows off her impressive hair. Miranda revealed that it’s taken 19 years to learn how to embrace her curls. Although she wishes that she had always loved her hair, she now has videos of her own curls before showcasing other historical women who also enjoyed curly hair.

Loving heritages

Taeler was another to embrace the trend as the TikTok user explained that she always used to worry about her broader nose. This is thanks to her Native American heritage. Long gone are the days of worrying as Taeler, like many others, is now celebrating her ancestors and the people throughout history. Her video features a host of photos of Native American people throughout history, as well as a clip of Taeler loving her own nose.

TikTok Users Show Off Their ‘Beautiful Flaws’ In New Trend

Falling for rosy cheeks

Many struggle to accept their rosy cheeks, but Eileen is one of the many that wants that to change. They were once a symbol of beauty, and Eileen wants the rest of the world to remember this. Once again, the ‘beautiful flaws’ trend has seen Eileen upload a clip of herself before focusing on other women throughout history with the same rosy glow.

Social media has an incredible way of changing the world, and it looks as though TikTok’s new ‘beautiful flaws’ trend is yet another way that people are learning how to love themselves.