How to look great while living out of a suitcase

Living out of a suitcase doesn’t mean you have to give up your fashion sense. Sure, you might have to think a bit harder about what you pack because you won’t have the comfort zone of your wardrobe following you around, but believe it or not, being stylish and living out of a suitcase is easier than you think. You might still have to make some concessions though, so here’s how you can live out of a suitcase and stay stylish.

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Give every item multi-purpose

No outfit in your suitcase should have a single purpose. What we mean is you will need to ask yourself whether or not the item will be able to be worn day or night, or even consider whether it can be suitable for warm weather, or a great layer if it gets cold. It’s essential that you really feel good in the items you choose; you don’t want to be looking at the clothes you have chosen and thinking to yourself ‘meh’. If you don’t love it, then ditch it.

Comfortable and stylish

If anything, fashion has become more and more centered around not just looking fabulous, but being comfortable too. We live in a busy society, and it’s not always easy to keep up with things, so most of us want clothing we can wear throughout the day without any hassle. This just means that there are plenty of options for you to consider, but you want to make sure you can go traipsing around historical monuments one moment and sipping coffee the next.

The shoe conundrum

There is always a shoe conundrum because you know you shouldn’t be bringing too many along for the ride, so you’ll need to make a decision. We recommend taking no more than three pairs, but ultimately if you’re not worried about packing light, then you can choose whatever you can fit into your case. Here are some categories we recommend on a super scientific style to comfort ratio. We suggest starting with something like tennis shoes, as they’re super comfortable, versatile, and look fantastic – basically a must-have. Then, you can decide to add in ankle boots, travel sandals, casual flats, and if there is still space, heels. Keep practicality in mind and think about what you enjoy wearing while you’re undertaking activities.

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Being strict on colors

If you love experimenting with cool color mixes, you’re going to have to be strict with yourself. You need to make sure that everything you choose can go together, and the way to do this is by choosing three main colors and one pattern. It will help you to keep things simple without overthinking how you’re going to make it work. A brilliant color to go for is blue. It’s highly diverse and works with practically everyone and everything. However, the choice is yours, you might be more of a neutrals person, or have a preference of bright red.

Treat yourself

The best thing about being strict regarding your outfits is that you will then be able to add in an item or two for those special occasions, such as one party dress or an outfit you really want to wear. You never know, you might pick something up along the way and wish to add it to your collection. Either way, if you’re strict in one area, it will help save you some space and add an opportunity outfit to your selection.

Wherever you go, you will always be able to remain stylish and feeling great!

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