How to make money while traveling

Although the experience itself is priceless, traveling is often a pretty pricey business! The cost of exploring the world can put people off; however, that need not be the case! There are ways you can make money while you are on the road, which will allow you to extend your travels – indefinitely if you wish! Here are some ideas on how to make money while traveling.

Become a digital nomad

Are you a skilled writer? Or perhaps great at graphic design? If you can make money using just your laptop and an internet connection, then the digital nomad lifestyle is open to you! It’s certainly not easy to gain clients, but if you do most of the leg work before you go, or use the various job board websites, you shouldn’t have a problem in finding work that you can do from anywhere – a beach in Bora Bora or a cafe in Amsterdam.

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Plenty of schools around the world are looking for teachers who are fluent in English to teach or tutor children and young people. You don’t have to have any formal teaching qualifications, just the right temperament, and some useful experience. This is a more long-term option to make money while traveling, so expect to stay at your destination for a few months; however, it’s a more stable position than many of the others which can be a relief. Find a reputable agency who will find the school for you, help with your visa application and generally give you support while you are there.

Selling timeshares

For a fantastic salesperson, there is money to be made in selling timeshares all around the world, from Thailand to Mexico and the Caribbean to Greece. Very often, the resorts will recruit people from different countries to help them relate to the customers that also come from the same place, so being American will be a great benefit! Thanks to bonuses and commission, you could make some serious money doing this too!

Working in a resort

There are plenty of jobs in a resort, and due to the nature of them, they often have a high turnover, so they are perfect for anyone wanting to make a bit of money while exploring a new country. If you are a skilled singer or dancer, you could be a part of the entertainment team, or if you are just super outgoing, the activity department is a lot of fun too. If you don’t fancy the spotlight, you could get a job behind reception, as waiting staff, or even as housekeeping. The bonus is that you will meet so many different people each week, from all over the world.

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If you are up for a physical job in the sunshine, fruit picking is a fantastic option. All you need is to be physically able enough to pick some fruit, and you will be compensated via the amount you pick, or sometimes just with room and board for the duration of your stay. This is really popular with backpackers in Australia as there is no long-term commitment and although it’s physically exhausting, it’s mentally a pretty easy job.

Life is too short to stay in one place, and as you can see, not having money isn’t enough of an excuse. Either way, you have to work, so wouldn’t you rather work and see the world at the same time?!

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